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The project TypeEarn has made some improvements on their website. They have reduced the amount of earning games you can try each day. Also, they have come up with a great idea to encourage holders of the token TPC. In fact, we can stake more TPC earned on our accounts to benefits from multiple advantages.


More you hold

It is soo sad to have only three possible chances to play daily because of the low amount of TPC I currently hold on my steem-engine account. However, the possibility to hold more TPC offers you more chance to earn on daily basis your reward after typing. The token stored on your account give you more opportunity to type each day and earn.


Update the FAQ

The information provided on the FAQ does not give the accurate numbers regarding the daily earning possibilities. It says at the moment I am sending this post that any players have five times per day but on my account it is only three times.

I have seen on one of the previous post made by the TypeEarn team a detailed feature of the earning level. It was different at each level of TPC hold on the person account.

I hope to not be in errors and if it is the case I would like to receive some clarification and understanding of the rule on the earn page.

In case any of the readers have noticed any irregularity related to this matter please let the community know your case in the comments 😉.


The writing speed I am getting is too low at this time. I should practice some hours before any attempt to challenge the game.

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I have shared my personal opinion on this article. Therefore, I invite my audience to conduct detailed personal researches on the topic before taking any actions.


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