The right native speech pattern

Peace Steemians,

Here's how you can know your level of English fluency all by yourself...

Have you ever heard someone speaking YOUR language (not English) and known the next thing they were going to say?

Well, this is because people speak in patterns.



Patterns are the real key to fluency

There are words and phrases used in business situations, during speeches, at restaurants, when the hero in a movie wins, while on the phone, and everywhere else in life...

And the more you know the right vocabulary for a situation, the more fluent you are!

Drew was watching a FIBA World Cup basketball game recently, and during the post-game interview, he knew the answers to almost every question before the players spoke.

One player from Team USA was asked what he thought about playing with other great players from the league.

And before he could answer, Drew instantly knew his response would be, "It's been amazing."

And sure enough, it was! Now, this might seem like magic to a non-native. Drew is teaching us How to connect the right native speech pattern with the situation.

Here are a few other common phrases used in almost every sport that natives know and expect:

"Keep your eye on the ball." (Focus on the play/goal.)

"We need to make some adjustments." (We must change our style of play.)

"Play one minute/possession/game at a time." (Focus on what's happening right now.)

Natives speak automatically because they know the right words for the situation.

So if your goal is fluency, just learn the patterns natives use and you will start speaking quickly and correctly, just like they do!

This method of building fluency - the exact same thing Drew uses to teach his daughter English - is

how I help thousands of people all over the world in The Fluency Course:

If you're not already learning this way with Drew in the program, you should be. :)

Patterns are the real key to fluency.


Drew teaches a very simple yet powerful strategy you won't learn anywhere else that you can begin using it TODAY. :)
Have a great weekend, and keep looking for ways to do MORE with LESS!
English Fluency Guide

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