SPT:Gold League | LTC:The Return?

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Splinterlands in the middle of the season is getting very animated with players at all league levels. The first half of this season was fruitful as our team rank up fast and easily. We have reached the gold league and manage so far to stay in the league for more daily quest reward cards.



Before and after Ranking

The rewards cards in the silver league gave us some boost to rank even faster than we expected. The battle rules in silver league limit seriously your strategies. The low level of mana set as the requirement before each battles in silver league is one challenge among others we have to figure out to rank up. The best possible combinations of monster cards and bite of luck gave us access to the Gold league. It is different to battle in the gold league.

The opponents are presenting there most powerful cards in the best combination possible. We had to adjust the level of most our cards to defend as best we can in this league.

The tokens in the game DEC can be used to purchase preferred cards on the intern market of splinterlands. The operation took few hours to identify the card that will contribute the best after experience level rise.




The Return ?

Litecoin on the coinmarketcap is in the green. It has an up rise in price around 3.64% agains BTC. The chart on ltc present a down trend in price since June of this year. We have break through multiple support line predefined in red on the graph below. It is possible that LTC downtrend may change during this month of September. We have to fix some indicators informing the chart reader of the proper period when the uptrend will start. The community is found of LTC for its user friendly options it offers on the market at the moment. Bitcoin is preferred as store value token in the community. LTC may become the most use coin for exchange especially the news people coming in the crypto sphere. The general conception of the usage of a token emphasizes by the developers can certainly drive the price of the token up.

As hodlers, let us keep our tokens bag safe and full.




The market volatility must be taken into consideration in all our analyses. The external factors also play a significant role in the change of trend on all the crypto currencies chart.

My personal opinions are shared on this article. Therefore, I invite my audience to conduct detailed personal researches on the topic before taking any actions.

Splinterlands game offers to level up your pack cards experience through the process of purchase your favorite cards on the intern market with (DEC) DARK ENERGY CRYSTALS . This season ends in five days. As member of the Alliance Guild we are completing ours daily quest to strength our guild. If you are a player splinterlands check the alliance guild and make the right choice.

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