Splinterlands | One the Best Season End

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Splinterlands has reached the end of his season 24hours ago. The season has offered many rewards that were used to enhance our monster team strength. We had less difficulty this season to reach the gold league. Our team effort is growing faster than before. The road to the Diamond League is filled with powerful adversaries which won't make it easy for us but the surprise is on our side.



gold league.jpg



Our team went further than expected in the rank battle. As you enter in the gold league I the opponents have great team combination on board that evolved our own strategies.

end season rewards open.jpg


end season rewards.jpg


Season final Rewards

The cards received at the ends of the previous season were about 30 great monsters. The abilities of my team are taking off with these huge numbers of cards that we combined in our deck. The rare cards obtained provide some spice to the strategies we are improving for the current season.



The tournament that I have the pleasure to be participant, reward our team effort after seven round of battle. The second-place reward at the end of the tournament was the highest position I ever reached in any tournaments. Thanks to all the participants it was a great pleasure to have you in the competition.

The boogeyman card was in the rare selection of cards that I have received during the season finally. I will explore the way to strengthen my deck collection with the summoner of the dead monster.


Untamed packs in Splinterlands were absolutely amazing. The opening of the pack offered new special abilities to the whole set of Alpha, Beta cards available in the game. the rank battle has some new filter added to speed up the selection process of the suitable cards you desire to put on the board to fight. I can assure all players that Untamed cards monster have already been pulled out to defend our team path towards Diamond league by the end of this current season.



untamed open.jpg


untamed open 2.jpg


Splinterlands game is full of surprises. This season finale was epic with our first time in the Gold league I. Also, the cards given at the end of the season were around thirty cards. As a member of the Alliance Guild, we have a great team effort toward achieving level six. Our team contribution to the guild will increase surely during the progression of the current season.

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