Splinterlands Longest Round | Second Series

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This season on splinterlands is getting very cool. The last season was characterized by uncommon events such as raw results and long round.

long round series

Our comment on the last season longest round was mentioned on a previous post that you can check by clicking the link below:

Last season splinterlands longest-round

This current season has just started and we are glad to report here that our previous record can no longer stand as the longest round on splinterlands.
It is a great uncommon even that happens when we do not expect it the most.


longbattle crazy turnout.jpg

Round 25

The newest record on my part stand at 25 rounds on one battle. We thought that the turnout will be in favor of the team holding as best as it can on their card live point but it was a draw.

draw on spt.jpg


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Splinterlands game is full of surprises. Well the best way to find about it is to play as much as you can. The tournament opened daily offered many rewards base on the position at the end of the battle round.

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We invite readers to share in comment section theirs experiences in the splinterlands.
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