Spinterlands | Rank Up

Peace Steemians,

Splinterlands rank progression is super hot at the moment. The competition is at the highest level now as we entered in the four remaining days of the season.



Team Upgrade

The game reached a high level of difficulties as we speak. The daily rewards are not so great but we upgrade the level of most of our cards. When the proper time arrive the purchase of key monsters to strengthen our team will be easy. DEC token is commonly used on the market of cards to complete transactions. It is very fast and convenient for most players.



Price and DEC

It looks like the DEC collected in game at the end of each won game have high volume exchange on steem-engine. The volume of sell orders showed that in case of buying pressure the price can quickly rise in a short period of time.

The price of the cards on the market is rising too. It is a good indication of the interest of more users to splinterlands to level up theirs cards. The Dec token prices is on the positive up trend for the coming weeks.
The volatility on the market must be taken into consideration on each analyse we published on our blog. A personal research to gathered the best information before making any move on crypto space is the way to go.




Splinterlands game is full of surprises. This season final is going to be epic. As member of the Alliance Guild we have a great team effort toward achievement of our goals.

Thanks for stopping by this post.




We invite our audience to put in comment section whatever the want to share about Splinterlands.
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