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Splinterlands rank progression towards the gold league is going to be effective during this finally of the current season. The reward pool is offering the new type of monsters introduced in the game during this season.



On the right track

The cards composing our diverse teams reached the level five or more and the battle rank in lower league benefit more in DEC than better. The reinvestment of the DEC to buy key cards helping to strengthen our attack power is the best choice at this stage of the game. The goal of getting in the gold league before the end of the season will surely happens along with better rewards cards.



In three days the season end

Dark Energy crystals is the tokens used in the game to conduct different operations like buy or sell cards. The slow rise in volume of buy pressure on the exchange shows the community active utilization of the inner market of splinterlands.

The volatility on the market must be taken into consideration on each analyse we published on our blog. A personal research to gathered the best information before making any move on crypto space is the way to go.

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Splinterlands game is full of surprises. This season final is going to be epic. As member of the Alliance Guild we have a great team effort toward achievement of our goals.

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