Spinterlands | Gold League + Guild

Peace Steemians,

The season in splinterlands ended with a lot of progress achieve. The battle reward on gold league give the members higher chance to upgrade the cards in their pack.

Daily Rewards





Gold league

The game has a higher level of difficulties as I reach the gold league. The battle in rank section offer at some point the ability to choose powerful cards. I mean card for larger amount of mana. This change in the rule of battle gives the player new possible strategies to experiment.
The summoners are the most important cards in the game. Water summoners are in my shopping list to check out real soon.



Guild Entry

The guild on splinterlands are open for user that wish to join. I submitted a request to join a guild The Alliance. The response came within the same day that I have applied. My successful entry offers more details to the organization of the guild.
Soon very important moves on the DEC tokens price will occure as results of the success of the steem monster.




Splinterlands game is full of surprises. The beginning of this new season with the guild feature unlock is going to spice things up. The developers has announced few cool features regarding the guild battle challenge that are expected by most of the community on Spinterlands.

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