Spinterlands | Closer to Gold League

Peace Steemians,

This season has only two days remain on its counter. The battle reward on the daily contest is not so bad when we do not use potion.

Daily Cards Earned




The game has a higher level of difficulties. The rewards look promising even if gold cards do not appear as mush as we desire. The summoners are the most important cards in the game. Fire summoners are my second favorite powerful choose for battle. When you have the resources to buy them on the market especially the card with heal abilities your team as great advantage in attack mode. The possibility to gain this type of cards as rewards is low considering our rank and the lack of potions. It is in my opinion better to just get them on the market than wait for them to appear in the rewards set of cards.



League Opportunity

As the rank of my team is rising the difficulties in each battle are quite serious. The limit of my cards abilities are reveal more and more quickly than I thought. The combination and the upgrade of cards is not giving the resource that will allow my team to join Gold leave.
However, I am close to the required rank level to enter gold. We keep playing and our best pack of cards will surely open the way. Our rank is at 1835. I wish to all splinterlands players close to 1900 gold leave all the best.





Free giveaway

You can join our weekly round XII free giveaway if you like.

Splinterlands game is full of surprises. This season final is going to be epic. The developers has already completed the code of few cool features that are really going to boost the whole experience on Spinterlands.

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