Self-development, inner awareness, mindfulness, courage and consistency

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Dr Harnet just returned from Morocco, where she leads her own and first-ever Success Retreat.


Wealth creation is a SCIENCE

We had an amazing time, and thought I should share a few insights with you:

One of the most important lessons for me this year has been that wealth creation is a SCIENCE (and I studied that extensively over the last few years), but when it comes to inner fulfilment - that really is an ART.

It means that if you implement the rules of money, it will come to you...

...however, feeling deeply fulfilled, at inner peace, and energetically balanced most of the time is much more complex.

It is an art of life that you achieve in my view through a lot of self-development, inner awareness, mindfulness, courage and consistency in walking your authentic and true path, applying the law of attraction, and loving self-care.


Deep fulfillment in all areas of life

Dr.Harnet has dedicated most of 2019 to that journey and she is so keen to teach others.

For me, success is a combination of Financial Freedom - deep Fulfillment in all areas of life - and IMPACT in Africa.

Don't settle for less in your life. You deserve it all.


There is one more thing I noticed...

Although we spent most of our time harnessing self-awareness, mindfulness, relaxation, and exploring new spheres at the retreat in Morocco...

....nothing....and I repeat 'nothing' would engage our group as passionately as the issue of our unique African IDENTITY or sense of belonging.

It's a topic both heavily and passionately charged.

So much self-awareness, understanding, reconciling, overcoming, and healing to do for many of us. Passed on through generations. Wow.

It takes courage and resolution.

A process that needs to take place collectively, in my view, if we want to experience true economic empowerment within Africa.


So I thought, why not shoot a small video about this, which I titled:

[Economic Empowerment...and a Beautiful Story of African]Identity(


This is one small story of many....narrated from the cradle of humanity - the continent called AFRICA.

Enjoy :)

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