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Peace Steemians,

Splinterlands season has ended one day ago. The remaining time before the end was filled with interesting match on the battle field. We had a great season with our high league qualified rewards twenty six cards. Indeed the pack of monster that we level up during the previous season help us reach the Gold league II. The day quest in this league is quite challenging. Players do not get soft in theirs strategical combination of cards.

Before the season end

The gold league has more attractive set of rules for powerful monster in our pack of cards. In the league our team had a draw in one battle rank. It has been a long time since I finished a battle with zero rank on the counter. When the opponent put his best cards on the board and somehow you have a draw it is cool for your progression in the gold league.


After the season end

We have all at the end of each season a lower rank number. It is a good idea to redistribute the chance of league entry for all the players. Therefore the Splinterlands account holder must put some effort in order to be in the best league before the end of the current season. In our case the current rank is around 1337 points. It means that after the final minute of the last season our rank went from 2260 to 1300 points. It is a heavy drop especially considering the set of our cards in the current pack.



Black Dragon

The reward of cards at the end of each season is the best moment of the game. The players in the large proportion use the rewards to level up theirs specific cards. It is the choice we make for this season finally reward cards. We had received 26 cards composed of regular cards and one legendary card.

The Black Dragon is an interesting card. The statistic of the Black Dragon shows how powerful it can be with less combination of same card.



Lease out Life monster cards

I would like to inform most of the player that I have a great opportunity to offer through the intern system of card lease in Splinterlands. The card of the LIFE category in my pack has been the less used cards in battle. It is better for the ecosystem that player that used life monster benefit for these non utilized cards. If you are interesting to receive one or most of the cards of life type in my pack Please leave your Splinterlands account name with lease in requested in comment section. I hope to lease out these cards to you for two or three months.

Steem is not in the green area today. We can only wish for this state of the market to change. In fact the market is in the major part in the green. Bitcoin is at 10,360 $USD on the daily basis on tradingview Binance chart. It is my view that Steem blockchain is here to stay so it is cool to power up the most I can afford each week. Steem to the moon is the mindset of most the members in the community.




The market volatility must be taken into consideration in all our analyses. The external factors also play a significant role in the change of trend on all the crypto currencies chart.

My personal opinions are shared on this article. Therefore, I invite my audience to conduct detailed personal researches on the topic before taking any actions.

Splinterlands game is offering to level up your pack cards through the process of purchase your favorite cards on the intern market with DARK ENERGY CRYSTALS. We entered a new season all the best for all players in the arena. As member of the Alliance Guild we are completing all ours daily quest to strength our guild. If you are a player on splinterlands check the alliance guild and make the right choice.

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