Native expressions at party

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On this day of January, we will share native expression mostly use in a situation of party.

In the following case, we see the usage of the expression.

you've brought some food to a party and you're introducing it to the other people there. If it's something you've made that you're known for, or that's just really good, you can say, "This is my famous x."

"This is my famous pasta salad!"
"These are my grandma's famous cookies."

It doesn't need to be famous in the normal sense, like it's known by people everywhere. Just something that maybe your friends and family know, like and expect.

You can also use this as a question about someone else's food:

"Is this your famous fried chicken?"



Part of the trouble with learning a second language is that you really need someone to tell you what's correct, especially if you want to get fluent quickly.

And you probably don't have that kind of person beside you all the time.

But imagine if you could learn from a native friend just before going to a party... or the doctor... or an interview...

How much more confident and prepared would you feel?


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Hi Oadissin, that's a great post and you're writing skills are excellent but I'm looking for the Reggae and connection to Caribbean culture or tourism. That's what the JAHM tag is intended for.

You're more than welcome to use the tag for relevant posts.

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Yes, I will use the tag more effectively next time.
Sorry for the last publication.

23.01.2020 13:02

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