How about Bitcoin SV incredible Growth !

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Bitcoin SV has the longest cumulation of green candle since the beginning of the year 2020. It is a happy moment for the cryptocurrencies hodlers that have trusted the blockchain supporting the BSV. I have tried to assemble some basics information about this token and found that not only it ranks five on the top twenty of the most volume exchange during the day, but BSV token also has a maximum supply at 21 million with 18 million in circulation.



It is most likely a project that has riched its highest adoption level. Considering the fact that BSV is the Bitcoin Cash hard fork we were not so surprised on the performance of both tokens.



The Ethereum blockchain has expended to the game project on steem Splinterlands. ETH offers to his community members the benefit to trade cards that hold value on the Steem blockchain-based Splinterlands. Tokens from steem-engine and Ethereum can be sent for the purpose of conduct divers transaction in the game. We hope that more cryptocurrency project will join this amazing venture together with the steem community to build the largest game in the crypto world.
As a member of the Alliance Guild, we have a great team effort toward achieving level six. Our team contribution to the guild will surely increase during the progression of the current season.

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