Hardfork 21 | Splinterlands Running on Specific Node

Peace Steemians,

Despite the issues on the steem blockchain I have successfully finished the daily quest on Splinterlands.
The remarks on the site help me fix the settings required to play.
It was cool the join the community on game a play with other steemians.


Splinterlands Operational

The applications on steem blockchain have not been functional as they use to be.
Splinterlands is not different than others dApp game like nextcolony or steemnova.
The settings of your keychain with the appropriate node will give you access to the game. It is really helpful to follow the instructions pinned by the dev on website of steemmonsters.


The market on the large part is still on the downtrend when price are compared to BTC.
The steem blockchain is on the process of fixing divers issues that occurred after Hardfork 21.
The market seems to have not suffer from this last hardfork as the steem price slowly kept its trend.
More development from the tribes and community will show the real opportunity that steem blockchain continuously offers to the crypto world.



The market volatility must be taken into consideration in all our analyses. The external factors also play a significant role in the change of trend on all the crypto currencies chart.

My personal opinions are shared on this article. Therefore, I invite my audience to conduct detailed personal researches on the topic before taking any actions.

Splinterlands game is working despise the current issues on blockchain. The team effort on accessing the gold league is a target. The new season has started and our goal to reach gold II may be challenging. As member of the Alliance Guild we have made a great progress as team effort toward improve the recruitment of players.

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