Frustration | Your mind to go blank

Peace Steemians,

Last night, I met a barber, his wife and their child...

When this barber learned about my experience getting good English speaker, he asked many questions about how to help his kids learn English.

I explained how important it is to learn everything in English so you don't develop the frustrating habit of translating in your head while you speak...

And I showed them Frederick, the new app Drew team will be releasing very soon that lets anyone, anywhere, teach themselves English - all in English - instantly.

While the kid played, the dentist said that he struggled as well with his English.

When he has to attend professional meeting, he has trouble understanding English presenters...

And he quickly forgets the words he studies.

"That's a very common problem," I said. "Fortunately, it's very simple and easy to fix!"

I then spent the next few minutes showing him Drew "secret" for making words unforgettable...

And when I tested him on a few new words at the end of our meal, he was excited that he recalled them all automatically.



People don't have "bad memories"...

It's just that traditional English lessons make words and phrases very difficult to remember.

Once you see how to remember words the right way, you wonder why every teacher doesn't explain this obvious technique.

If you ever struggle to remember your words...

And this causes your mind to "go blank," here's how to end this frustration:

You may have had this problem for years, but you can now solve it in only a few minutes.

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