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Peace Steemians,

Today we would like to dive in some important elements use in conversational interactions as explained by Drew our fluency guide.

"I want to go for a bike ride, but it's all hot outside."

"Why did you say 'all'? I've never heard it used like that before."

You probably know the meaning of "all" as every, total or 100%.

But I used it conversationally with the meaning of very.

This is similar to the "textbook" meaning of "all" because the idea is still complete, or almost complete, like from cold to "100% hot."

So though I meant "very," I was speaking about the heat in an exaggerated way, like it's "100% hot" instead of just "really hot."

"My sister was very tired from her gym class."
"My sister was all tired from her gym class."

"Her clothes got very wet in the rain."
"Her clothes got all wet in the rain."

The difference is small, but these small differences make you sound and speak much more like a native.







Feel free to share your opinions in comment section.
Warm regards

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