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Peace Steemians,

We need a deeper understanding of science, scriptural and otherwise, lest we be like those who claim the bumble bee can’t fly, even as they watch it do so. It is science, in the best sense
of this word that explains everyone and everything to us. And, without explanations, we cannot live our lives as we should or could.

Today, from the wisdom of God coming through the modern Moses and Aaron, we are learning for the first time, the sciences of life.
Life often seems unfair, confusing and puzzling. However, what we may call paradoxes, puzzles, and the like, is never that to Allah. The wiser we become the less confusing things get.

Good advances and evil retards our spiritual and moral development.

Good brings us closer to Allah.

Evil separates us from Him.

Now, there are acts that are of God’s
active will. Then there are acts that are of His permissive will. Most aspects of His will are
relatively easy to understand, although there is an ascending scale of knowledge and practice involved for their realization in our inward being. Then comes those aspects of His will that primarily involves those whom He uses for the benefit of humanity and whose impact is felt long after these very noble beings have passed. Allah’s prophets are in this special category of beings.
There are acts that God wills, which may seem different from the other acts He actively wills. These acts occur in exceptional instances, and are rare, in terms of the number of human beings
in whose lives they occur.

Sources Finalcall newspaper edition August 2018







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