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Peace Steemians,

Fluency means communicating - even if only one word - without thinking or hesitating.

So you don't need to know EVERY English word to speak fluently.

If someone says hello to you and you say hello back without thinking, you've just communicated fluently!

It's like how you can drive a car automatically, even if you don't know anything about driving a boat. Natives don't know everything about English either, and I can't speak fluently about fixing cars or tax accounting."

One of the most exciting things Drew and I discovered about learning languages is that fluency is REALLY built one word or phrase at a time, depending on how you learn.

This is why you can use some words or phrases fluently, but not others...

Or why you might talk about your job or favorite hobby easily, but struggle with other topics.

So the key element is how to learn words so you could use them fluently, and if you just learned words this way, you would quickly build a very large, fluent vocabulary.







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