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On daily thoughts we would like to share with the community the amazing story of our youth.
Bright future for the young among us that have the mindset to entrepreneurship.

Doing for self was always in Patrick 2X DNA . Student Fruit of Islam of the Nation of Islam in New Orleans, Patrick 2X said he filled out his first application to work when he was nine years old for his father’s janitorial company and that was the last time he filled out a job application.

“One thing I first observed about my father was he was always someone who did for himself. He never waited for somebody to do something for him,” said Patrick 2X. When he came up, my father was a business owner. I never saw him trying to get a job. So, that left me with no desire to be a worker in the sense of expecting somebody to give me a check on Friday. I’ve never had a job like that. Because of him, I always had the mindset that if anything was going to happen with my finances, it would be me making it happen,” Patrick said.

The motivation to start his ideas came from Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan “Going into our community and making it a decent and safe place to live”. Patrick already had the idea to renovate blighted properties, so he started with the dilapidated properties right next door to the mosque.
Patrick 2X was 12 years old when he learned how to do carpentry work from a contractor who was building a house for his father. He said he always loved seeing things come together, so he followed in his father’s footsteps and started his own business called Supreme Developers. It encompassed new construction, renovation, janitorial services, labor support services, industrial services, and maintenance. He also wanted to get into real estate, so in 2001, when Patrick and his wife Keione X got married they purchased their first home. When they moved out, they decided to renovate and rent it out. It became their first rental property.
A few years later, they did the same thing with the next home they bought. Soon, they were buying properties, fixing them up, and selling them. Eventually, they started Supreme Investment Group to separate the real estate side from the service side of their business.
“It pained me to see other areas in the city growing and blossoming after Hurricane Katrina and see our areas not flourishing. I felt like the areas where Black people lived was being neglected. I guess all of us to a certain degree have this problem where we look for other people to do things. That is the mindset of a slave,” he asserted.

“At a certain point, it dawned on me that I’m the person that I’m looking for to do this.”

Initially, he said he reached out to make it a group effort, but people didn’t see the vision the way he saw it. So, instead of letting that hinder him he decided to move forward in hopes everyone else would catch on and follow. “But as far as developing and renovating property in our own
community and taking blighted property and transforming it into something nice, I told myself I will take the lead on this. And that’s what I did,” Patrick said proudly. He started with the properties directly next to the mosque. Those properties had been through so many hands and they had become deplorable. I purchased them for more than what they were worth because I felt like we had to have them.” We put a lot of money into them like it was in one of those upscale communities uptown, he said. We took those houses down to nothing because they had termite damage and water damage and we brought it all the way back.

Now, in 2018, they have nine units next to the mosque, two duplexes and a five plex. With the purchase of those units, Patrick 2X says, it comprises a whole square block. So now, the Muslims Own a whole square block in the community. A Square block is from street to street.
The Nation of Islam (NOI) flag can be seen flying on one of the properties in the community. Four believers in the NOI are living in four of the units and three people from the community are occupying the other three units. Two units were turned into commercial units, one is a management office and the other unit is occupied by a sister from the community who just opened a Hair salon. Some of the units are handicap accessible.
Patrick made sure the houses were very affordable. I actually brought the prices down so that believers or anyone in our community could afford it. I fixed it up to the max. Sometimes Patrick goes over budget in fixing up the properties because he wouldn’t put someone in a property he wouldn’t live in himself. Patrick also wanted to put more money into the homes because what he found was that when property and neighborhoods look deplorable, crime exist more. So, the more we beautify the neighborhood, the less crime we’ll have and the less traffic.

“To be successful in this business, you can’t be a slumlord,” Patrick stated adamantly.

Those types of landlords always have something breaking, or have mold, or mildew smells and they’re looking for quick money. When you don’t put a lot into the property, what you give out is what you attract. So now, you have this property that’s not up to par and the tenants that are looking at the property are not up to par.

“We’re the ones that got to get it done,” said Patrick 2X. Nobody’s stopping us from creating our own business. We have this thought that someone else is going to do it for us and in the Nation of Islam we know this as the spook God theory. Why didn’t somebody do something is the mindset we were raised under as slaves because we didn’t have to provide these services for ourselves. The slave owners provided it. And unfortunately, we still have that mindset today. We have to do this for ourselves,” he concluded.

Report from final call August 2018 by Rhodesia Muhammad







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