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Peace Steemians,

Over the weekend, a friend told me he felt stuck while speaking in English.

He know many words, but it is so embarrassing that he can not speak English fluently. He was looking for suggestions to solve this issue.

Drew my friend is a fluency guide. He met my friend and together they identify some approachs to help with the problem.

Drew noticed that our friend vocabulary is only a small part of his ability to speak.

This is why children can speak quickly, naturally and correctly, even if they don't know many words.

Drew told him that when you're stuck, look beyond your vocabulary and find your weakest communication skill...

This is the real "block" stopping the "flow" of your words, like a clog in a pipe.

For example, if nervousness stops you from speaking, the next thing you must do is build confidence, NOT study more words.

Most learners are standing in front of a locked door that leads to progress...

But they keep trying the SAME wrong key, wondering why the door won't open.

So if you feel stuck in conversations, your next step is to find what's really stopping you from expressing yourself.

This can be different for each student, but it's most likely NOT your vocabulary.

If your way to progress is blocked, take a different path. 🧭







Feel free to share your opinions in comment section.
Warm regards

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