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Peace Steemians,

Splinterlands rank progression when the season ended offered us the benefit to get rewarded as Gold league members. The competition is at the highest level now as Gold league players have rare powerful monsters in their pack.



Gold Rank

We entered the gold rank in splinterlands. The rules of battle in the gold league are different. It is way tactical that I thought before reaching this league. The mana up to 30 in some rank battle confuse the selection of the right cards. It is definitevly worth it to join the gold league. The competition is very high and gold cards are often put on the table in the opponent team. Be aware to put all the time your best team combination.




Steem Down trend

The steem market is facing some drop in price for few months now. It has been a difficult time for many content creators. This period offers the opportunities for some steemians to take a pose and new users to play around and discover the amazing opportunities on the blockchain. The drop in price may be caused by the sell pressure filled in the diverse list of sell orders. The main steem tokens holders want to share at low price theirs holding with interesting new steemians or investor. It offers the chance to be a dolphin on the platform. The prices are at their all times low level. This bear market may last for very long time. We do not know how the market will react after larger adoption of the cryptocurrencies.





The market volatility must be taken into consideration in all our analyses. The external factors also play a significant role in the change of trend on all the crypto currencies chart.

My personal opinions are shared on this article. Therefore, I invite my audience to conduct detailed personal researches on the topic before taking any actions.

Splinterlands game is full of surprises. This season final was great with 22 cards as reward. As member of the Alliance Guild we have made a great progress as team effort toward improve our abilities in the game.

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