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The market is almost the same as the graph showed a downtrend of all major tokens against BTC.
Bitcoin on the graph below has reached its previous highest resistance line during the last three months. The price is at 11.88 $USD for one bitcoin. The uptrend confirmation for this week end seems to be valid because of the position of the moving average line and the RSI.



Bytecoin and Obyte Token

When the coin market cap showed Bytecoin with this huge growth in value against BTC I thought to trade my FUTURE tokens. However, there are distinct differences between Bytecoin and Obyte.
These two tokens get me always confuse as I think about trading some game rewards in to BTC.
Obyte can also be exchanged in STEEM on the market of dapp game Drugwar. It will be very interesting to get from both way of exchange the most profitable. Power up more steem on my account is the main objective as I get some BTC from this Obyte coins.




The market volatility must be taken into consideration in all our analyses. The external factors also play a significant role in the change of trend on all the crypto currencies chart.

My personal opinions are shared on this article. Therefore, I invite my audience to conduct detailed personal researches on the topic before taking any actions.


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