Closer to the Diamond league Gate

Peace Steemians,

Splinterland battle rank this season has changed on different aspects. The rule of battle, the reward type of cards and the airdrop functionality activated on the home page.



Our team fought his way up to the gold II league. The level of difficulties is not hindering the collective effort put on the combine cards strategies. The level up effort of divers types of cards through all the last ten season is more than fruitful at this stage in the game.
We can plan the diamond league entry for the next season. The proper adjustment in our pack of cards takes time.


Card trading

The pack of cards is traded on the internal market with the diverse tokens supported on the steemmonsters trade section.

The volatility on the market must be taken into consideration on each analysis we published on our blog. Personal research to gather the best information before making any move on crypto space is the way to go.

The season will end in the coming four days with a great surprise from our team.

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