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Our current situation on the cryptocurrencies space is not as worst as we may think. The large hodler of the bitcoin has to prepare for quarantine that can last for a very long time. Preparedness requires money that is fiat. The store won't sell you a pack of water using crypto. The possibility that crypto in general drop even further than current case is very high.


The developers on the blockchain have already created many user-friendly applications in favour of shopping. The incentive to install this system in the store becomes a reality as soon as the merchant will be convinced of the token stability. Litecoin project is taken a little uptrend during the bear market. The situation is just going to get worse. The hodlers are the ones prepared and focus on the real possibilities that will offer their favourite tokens.


We will see in the coming days the uptrend of specific programs support on a blockchain developed with the intent to solve problems that occur in the situation as tense as the black swan event.


The cryptocurrencies are reasonable tools to help solve our modern time problem. However, we must consider the fact that real life happens. The positive actions to keep your fiat ready to use in case of emergency won't affect you now that the market is in the red. The sell orders completed by people showed the reaction to fear and common problem on the world. Caution is the keyword regarding our health but also in the case of cryptocurrencies manipulations.

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