Shadow Photo Contest Round 100 por @ melinda010100 / Shadow by @oacevedo

Hola, colegas de sombras, por primera vez participo en este concurso, auspiciado por @melinda010100.
Les dejo mi participación para la Semana 100, con mis felicitaciones por ese hermoso número alcanzado y deseando que sean muchas más las venideras ediciones.

Para ver las reglas del concurso, solo hay que hacer clic aquí.

Hello, shadow colleagues, for the first time I participate in this contest, sponsored by @ melinda010100.
I leave you my participation for Week 100, with my congratulations for that beautiful number reached and wishing that many more will be the next editions.

To see the contest rules, just click here.


Venezuela 3.jpg

Fotografía de mi propiedad,
Editada con Paint.
Tomada con un teléfono Samsung,
modelo Ace2 GT-I8160P


Comments 5

I see a 100, but tell me more about this image! Thanks so much for entering!

10.01.2020 14:38

After taking several pictures I thought I'd take one in 'animation' mode to add a playful touch since it's about playing with the number 100, and it was finally the one I sent to the contest.
The image is of an ornament in my home.
I'm very happy to participate for the first time in the shadow contest and for your kind welcome.
I salute you, @melinda010100.

12.01.2020 14:24

I am happy that you joined in and hope that you have a shadow with a point to enter this week!

12.01.2020 15:00

Thanks for the invitation, @melinda010100.
I am waiting to participate in this new edition.

16.01.2020 18:15

I'll look forward to it! ❤️

16.01.2020 20:10