Mizu No Oto -Every Image Has Its Haiku- Edition #45 (English)

Fellow poets of the tribe,

receive my cordial greetings and a hug in the first Mizu No Oto -Every Image Has Its Haiku- of this year 2020 that promises us to flow so many waters. Hopefully it brings a lot of health and fortune to all of us.

Under the image offered by the passionate judge @marcoriccardi, I leave my participation for your kind readings.


[photo by @marcoriccardi]

Sepa stee1.jpg

The otter arrives
to the sweet source.
Soon, the rain.

Sepa stee1.jpg

Venezuela 3.jpg

Here you can see the contest rules.


Comments 5

¡Buen haiku!¡ Bien hecho, @oacevedo!

20.01.2020 14:39

@zeleiracordero, es un placer muy grande para mí recibir tu visita.
Me gusta mucho tu poema. Saludos.

21.01.2020 12:47

Ah! I did not see the clouds! I feel the otter's urge to go for a swim before the rain falls.

21.01.2020 04:22

Very grateful for your pleasant visit, @owasco.
I wish you good luck in the Mizu. Regards.

21.01.2020 12:53

A really well done haiku, which tells a little story behind the photo!

24.01.2020 12:08