Mizu No Oto -Every image has its haiku- Edition #43 (English)

Greetings, friends of steemit.

We have reached the #43 edition (English) of the luminous Mizu No Oto -Every Image Has Its Haiku-.

Below the image offered by the poet @f3nix is my exercise.

Here you can see the contest rules.


[foto de @f3nix ]

Sepa stee1.jpg

Summer light
in the stately home
green splendor

Sepa stee1.jpg


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Gracias por leer

Venezuela 3.jpg

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Comments 2

I would venture to say that your haiku has tried to follow the path of toriawase with a second image that harmonizes with the first (the "summer light" that gives splendor to the leaves).

13.12.2019 02:14

Thank you very much, @bananafish, for the comment to my hiaku.

15.12.2019 00:32