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Commodity Proof of Funds. Assisting with international proof of funds transactions. Proof of funds (POF) refers to a document or documents that demonstrate a person or entity has the ability and funds available for a specific transaction. Proof of funds usually comes in the form of a bank, security, or custody statement. Proof of Funds (POF) is a letter or documentation that certifies that an individual, institution, or corporation has sufficient funds (money) to complete a transaction. What Is A POF Letter In Real Estate? A Proof of Funds, also known as a POF, serves to verify that the investor does in actual fact have the necessary capital for a particular investment. Get you a proof of funds letter to purchase real estate. Realtor asking for proof of funds, proof of funds providers, proof of funds letter generator, proof of funds bank statement, fake proof of funds letter, proof of funds meaning, free proof of funds letter, proof of funds uk.

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