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We are collateral provider as well as a private lender. This collateral provision has seen enormous growth in the financial industry. It is pertinent to know that genuine collateral provider still exists despite the circulation of nonverifiable financial papers which have dominated the market recently. Our collateral could be reassigned or temporarily transfer of an existing ownership title to another entity regardless of location.

We work with a number of world top ranking banks. When it comes to Letters of Credit (DLC’s LC’s BG's and SBLC’s, we have more than 200 banks on our list.

We offer the following types of instruments;

Bank Guarantees – Stand By Letter of Credits

BG’s/SBLC’s owned

BG’s /SBLC’s leased

Letter of Credit



SBLC’s for Goods

Term Notes



Sale of LTN’s

We can reissue or transfer an existing financial instrument to you to meet your financial demand uses. Most of these instruments can be provided as owned or leased, recourse or non-recourse, depending on the purpose they are going to serve. We will follow up by sending you transaction procedure for any of these instruments. We will provide you NCND and our Deed of Agreement for Bank Instruments. These instruments can be used to fund business loan or as a collateral to execute project, if a borrower (client) defaults loan agreement or repayment schedule, financing bank can liquidate the collateral (Bank Guarantee / Standby Letter of Credit) but cannot seek loan beneficiary for any further compensation, even if the collateral does not cover the full value of the defaulted amount.

The whole process should take between 15 to 25 days after the first initial stage and resolve on transaction procedure.

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