Dive in a new O3 Wallet

We are delighted to be here to share the latest news of O3 Wallet.

O3 Wallet is under new management and rebranded this year. The brand new UI gives O3 vigor and vitality, especially the tone, combine with lake blue and green.

新版本海报 - 横.png

Clean, convenient, speedily, slick, easy to operate are features that we want to achieve in the new O3, and also the overall impression we want to express to users. Not only for the O3 wallet but also official webs and other O3 related.

O3 WEB.png

O3 wallet plans to support BTC and ETH at the end of November, prepare to support Neo3 recently. In addition, O3 will provide DeFi entry services with fully integrated dAPI in Q1-Q2,2021. During the process, we continue to optimize functionality in the wallet.


Now let's take a look about O3 Wallet desktop & Mobile version below:


Compare with the old version, the most obvious difference is dividing the wallets for multi-chains. (Later you will see BTC, ETH and other chain wallets on the list)

Tips: If your ONT is on the Neo wallet, please choose import ONT wallet with the private key (same with your Neo wallet).


Brand new homepage in the mobile wallet, clean and technological.
Tick and Accept the user agreement first before entering the wallet homepage.





Tips: Please backup your private keys, and keep them in a safe place.

Official website: https://o3.network
Community forum: https://community.o3.network/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/O3_Labs
Telegram: https://t.me/O3Community
Contact O3: support@o3.network

Link to introducing article for the old version: https://goldvoice.club/steem/@saltyskip/introducing-the-o3-wallet

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