Walking in nature


Troubles and fuss. This is what our modern life consists of. As a child, I loved to look at the night sky, I admired the beautiful plants, I loved to watch wild animals. Now I caught myself thinking that I hadn't looked at the stars for an eternity.

Work, household chores, problem solving ... this process is endless.

Today I decided to take a walk in spite of everything. I set aside one hour for a walk in nature. I did not choose a special place, just went to where the city ends. I tried not to think about current affairs, but just to look around.

What I saw was nature. Nature is perfect. Each of its elements is beautiful and well thought out. No matter where the plant grows, whether in sight near the road, or somewhere in the trench, it equally strives for perfection.


Take every opportunity to take a walk with your family. This is more important than many worries.

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