Journey to Hook Waterfall (Visual Story, 6 Photos)

I invite you to visit the waterfall with me today. Actually the full name of the waterfall is Zhenetskyi Huk, but everyone calls it simply Huk. This waterfall is located in the Ukrainian Carpathians in the Carpathian National Park.

The height of the waterfall is 15 m. It is located on a small mountain river. But I come here not for height, but for new impressions and beautiful landscapes.

The waterfall can be reached quite close by car. Such information can be found on the Internet. But the Internet does not report that, having returned from the route, after some distance the road becomes dirt and very narrow. On one side of the road is a high hill, and on the other a precipice. I got a pretty big dose of adrenaline by the time I got to my destination.

Everyone who wants to visit the waterfall is parked here.


In some places, such mountain streams try to leak onto the road.


But this is the river on which the waterfall is located.


And finally the waterfall itself.




Thank you for traveling with me.

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Привет. Очень красивый водопад. Я решила отправить ваш пост на конкурс.

13.10.2021 09:02

Спасибо большое, что заметили мою работу.

13.10.2021 09:06

wox-bestpick of the day goes to @o1eh

This post is nominated by @irinal

14.10.2021 23:48

That's the kind of place I could go to and sit all day, just listening to the crashing water. Do you have to travel far to get there?

16.10.2021 21:13

No, it's an hour and a half by car from my house. The pandemic does not allow to travel as before. That's why I choose places in my region.

16.10.2021 21:19

I often forget that a lot of countries have restrictions in place. Are you limited to how far you're allowed to travel then?

17.10.2021 06:42

I live in Ukraine. I used to need a visa to visit the European Union. After signing the visa-free regime, it became easier to visit Europe. My work is related to contacts with companies from different countries. So I had to visit different countries. When the pandemic came, the companies severely limited the number of meetings and moved them online.

We have no travel distance restrictions due to a pandemic. But due to rising morbidity and low levels of vaccination, many countries have introduced restrictions on entry from Ukraine.

17.10.2021 07:52