Hike to the Mountain Range Svydovets

Hello to all members of the community!

Today I finally found time to share with you photos of beautiful landscapes that I took during a hike in the Carpathians on the mountain range Svydovets.

This mountain range is characterized by the absence of forests and alpine vegetation, which is not typical for the Carpathians. Therefore, the landscapes here are similar to Scotland (although I have never been there).


Sometimes individual clouds floated on a small ridge. When we got into such a cloud, we could see such a rainbow.


Sheep have been grazed in the Carpathians since ancient times. In mountainous conditions it is difficult to keep cattle, such as cows, so each owner had many sheep. In the summer, the sheep were driven to a meadow (a grassy area in the highlands) and grazed there all summer. The shepherds, in addition to guarding the sheep, milked them and cooked cheese.

Now the number of sheep has greatly decreased, but still we met one flock. The photo shows black and white spots, these are sheep.




Such a wonderful place could not go unnoticed by entrepreneurs. Descending from the mountain, we came across a recreation complex under construction. Until recently, there was no trace of construction.


When the sun rose higher, it began to warm noticeably. All the morning moisture began to evaporate. Under such conditions, even the nearest mountain was poorly visible. It was as if they were covered with a white cape.


We were lucky with the weather, so the walk was successful. I managed to take a lot of beautiful photos, sit by the fire, admire the scenery.

Thank you for taking a walk with me.

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Great photos!

01.11.2021 10:37


01.11.2021 10:39

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01.11.2021 11:02

Great images and the story!

I have checked the place you live - you are lucky one, so near to the mountains.

01.11.2021 11:37

Yes, I also think I'm lucky. An hour by car and all the best views are mine.

01.11.2021 11:52

Hermosas fotografías, debe hacer mucho frío en las mañanas. Me imaginé sentada en esa alfonfra de pastos acariciando una hermosa y blanca ovejita. Buena publicación amigo @ oleh


03.11.2021 10:27

Gracias, es muy agradable estar ahí.

03.11.2021 10:55

Thanks for the beautiful pictures, they are awesome. To understand how awesome your pictures are, some us will never have that experience, I am from the coastal region of Nigeria, we have revers and sand everywhere, we don't have hills let alone mountains. The earth is almost flat with a little slop. Seeing the earth massing up into the sky is awesome...
Thanks for sharing


03.11.2021 16:25

Nigeria is a large country with beautiful nature and wildlife. And it's much warmer there. Winter bothers us a lot. Every country has something unique. I would like to see it all, but it is impossible to visit everywhere.

03.11.2021 22:00

You are right, we can't visit everywhere, but we can visit "manywhere" through SteemTravels.
Some inland areas of Nigeria have more interesting topography but my area has so much that it becomes a nuisance.

03.11.2021 22:08

Wow! Interesting photographes you are so good. I love the way you've captured the pictures from different angles; this is very artistic. I can see a beautiful rainow colours in there so beautiful. Keep it up with your artistic pictures because what we see makes us mouthwatering to want to visit the place . Nature is truely beautiful. #travelers-say

04.11.2021 17:07

Thank you for your kind words.

04.11.2021 20:13

Wow! This is such a wonderful place. You captured some great photo. I hope your trip was great. Thanks for sharing.


05.11.2021 05:50

Yes, the trip was wonderful with a lot of impressions. I'm glad you liked the photos.

05.11.2021 05:59

It is always my dream to live in a place like yours with green beautiful landscape. So peaceful that will bring your soul somewhere where there is inner peace, where you can have time with your self, where freedom is felt and enjoyed and away from toxicity. If only given the chance to choose where to live and die I'd choose a place like this. I am so envious. Many people would like to live in busy streets in the city but they have no idea how difficult it is to live in uncertainties. Anyway allow me to share this photo I got it from my lens. It is our school building where I am currently teaching in public school where I caught this beautiful scenery. Rainbow a promise of hope and abundance. Have you ever reached the rainbow's end? Is there a pot gold? Pls share... Thank you!



06.11.2021 17:06

Rainbow is just amazing.

Is there a pot gold?

I would like it to be so.

away from toxicity

I live close to the mountains, an hour away by car. However, I live in a city surrounded by chemical plants. And I work at such a plant as a chemical engineer. Fortunately, the city is small, there is a forest nearby. So we have a lot of nature and industry here.

06.11.2021 21:20