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Hello there!

I'm Niyazi, 30 years old. I am married. I work at Redbull company. We have a husky dog, I'm a man in love with him and my wife! I can say that my world is made up of them.


I also like to do research on historical subjects. In my spare time, I try to be with my family and friends.


I joined Steemite on the recommendation of my wife. He has been an active and successful content producer on steemit for many years. I commend him on this and support his success. I have a lot to learn from him about writing. Just like in real life.. He has always guided me on the right paths and I'm sure this will be a good start for me.


I must say that I am very excited and enthusiastic, I am not a man who can express himself with words, but I have something to tell you too!

Let's start....

Cc: @cryptokannon

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Hello welcome to Steemit world!
I'm @steem.history, who is steem witness.
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04.06.2021 10:45

Hi welcome to steemit! I think I recognize your wife. I hope your family husky dog is fine from the poison that your wife shared with me few days ago. @miniklady

04.06.2021 11:22

Yes @miniklady is my wife :) Our dog took medicine, my wife called me and we immediately came and took her to the vet. Necessary treatment was done. Now she is very good but she scared us a lot!

04.06.2021 11:29

glad to hear that your dog is healthy now 😃 good to have you onboard, thanks to your wife introducing Steemit to you. You all have good Country Reps from Turkey that will help to support your content here.

04.06.2021 11:53

Thanks for your interest Kannon :)

06.06.2021 11:21

Yes he is my husband 😊👰 I don't know how things will be with him here? He wanted to rival me 😂 Our dog is very good, but very naughty, it's kind of you to remember him 🌼 🐶

04.06.2021 11:33

Nice, good job in influencing your husband to Steemit and have a healthy competition on Steemit 😁 Let's see who have more steem power by the end of this year 😊

04.06.2021 11:53

He is very kind but likes competition I will write you the results at the end of the year 😂🤍🦋🌈

04.06.2021 11:59

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04.06.2021 11:36

Hi, @nyzem,

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06.06.2021 16:31