My introduction post to steemit mentorship by @cryptokannon


My name is Sunday Nwanga I am from ohaukwu Local government avea in Ebonyi State Nigeria iwas born in the family of Mr and Mrs Nwanga akpogu in the year 1990 precisely is January 1990i was born as a premature baby (seven months ) it wasnt easy for me to survive but God helped me after one year 1991 my mother died in 2000 my father died life became so miserable to me I did all kind of job to survive .


In the 2001 I sent my self to school from what I save from local job like weeding grass in peoples farm, and hawking I managed to reach primary 5 at obarn primary school and I droped out in 2008 my senior sister connected me with Mr chuba okeke from Lagos State as a bussines man in Alaba international market


I served him for 8 years and six months he was dealing with electronical after those years he drove me out like a crininal but for me I have no choice than to go back to my uncle who was living in azugwu Ebonyi stete their I joined concrete work saved up to #80000 with this #80000 I went back to Lagos to pursue dream of a business of my own reaching Lagos I called one of my old customer Mr Ben okike who is living in oshun State he asked me to come to state oshun State I went and told him everything that happened he was moved with pity he had a shop that he wanted to sell out at the rate of#500000 but he decided to rent it out to me so that I can start life ogeia opant he gave 3 good months to huzzle and raise money for the rent I will never forget that my humble beginning with the help of Mr Ben okike God lifted me up wathin 2years I had 4 shops of my own I am using this opportunity to everyone here never to give up when facing challanges. I was able to buy plots of land and many other things I also helped about six people to stand on their own presently, i am living in uyo Akwa ibom State just you all know life is full of challenge i faced a very big challenge that took away almost everything I had but God in his Mercy preserved my life so right now am in uyo selling articles and network marketing

How I come to know steemit

@ijelady lady told me about steemit,I was not all that interested because am not good in writing but after attending a schedule seminar @ijelady and @ngoenyi on 15/04/2021 I was moved to register.
Am sure my God who has always been with me will see me through.

My Hobbies

I love singing
I love to play football
I love exercise


I hate gossip
I hate lies
I hate laziness


My goal in steemit is to achieve at least 10,000 steem and help as many as to come to steemit community.


Thank you so much for this great portunity that will h helme sharppen my brarain, remember I droped out from school at pmary 5 but right t now i feel like am back to school thank you semit @ijelady, @ngoenyi , @crcryokannon and @focusnow for their assistance to newbies like me.ow

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Hello welcome to Steemit world!
I'm @steem.history, who is steem witness.
This is a recommended post for you.Newcomers Guide and The Complete Steemit Etiquette Guide (Revision 2.0) and, recommended community Newcomers Community

01.05.2021 13:37

Thank you so much @steem

01.05.2021 13:42

Hi @nwanga, welcome to steemit

01.05.2021 13:50

Hey @nwanga

I am @brahmaputra and I welcome you to Steemit.

This is a great introduction post by you.

Steemit is a block chain based Dapp which rewards you for sharing your daily life works such as your The Diary Game, Article writing, Photography, Art works and a lot more.

I share with you the awesome Newcomers Program by @cryptokannon. By completing these tasks, you can learn more about the Steemit ecosystem.

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Do not forget to follow @steemitblog to get new updates of Steemit community.

In case you have a query, I will be happy to help.

Best Regards,

01.05.2021 13:56

Hi @nwanga

Warm greetings from "Beautiful World Community". I invite you to our community. You can participate in our community and participate in various competitions.

You can write on different topics such as The Diary Game, My Town In Ten Pics, A Better Life With Steem, Culture Challenge announced by @steemitblog. We can also perform on singing, writing & reviewing something. In addition, you can participate in ongoing contest in this platform. You can participate the contests & earn steem which are as follows :-


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Hello @nwanga,

🌺🌸🌺🌸🌺🌸Welcome to Steemit🌺🌸🌺🌸🌺🌸

Please check out the @cryptokannon's Newcomers Achievement Program and complete these achievement assignments for a great start on Steemit. You can learn how Steemit functions and what other resources are accessible to you by doing so.

Steemit is blockchain-based blogging and social networking site that pays users in STEEM cryptocurrency for posting and curating material. Do participate by making posts, commenting on other users' posts, and voting on others' posts.

We invite you to join us in Steemit Nursery Community and find a community that is a good fit for you.

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Best regards,

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Dear @nwanga

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Welcome to the steemit family dear @anwanga. I am pleased to have you join us here. To enjoy your experience here, it will be wise if you try and finish all your achievement posts in the @newcommers community, follow @steemitblog for #contest updates. Join communities like @steemitfoods for your food posts, and @steemalive for any other posts. There are still other communities you can join with time. There is need to interact with your fellow steemians, therefore, join your fellow africans in steemalive telegram for Uyo and other cities without cordinator.
Join the African food lovers whatsapp and telegram group page here, we will put you through on how to make an acceptable posts in the communities.
You can start with @thediarygame season 3 where you will tell us about your days activities. Welcome ones more. If you follow the rules, the sky will be your starting point, you will steem to the moon and beyond,trust me. Love you dear

01.05.2021 15:10

Thank you so much @ngoenyi

01.05.2021 16:28


Nice to meet you. I am Nahid Hasan. You have posted a beautiful introduction post. Welcome to steemit. Hope your steemit journey will be awesome.

There is a Bangladeshi Community. This Community supports everyone from every country. If you are comfortable with English then you can post here. Steem Bangladesh by @cryptokannon

Ongoing contests you can join Compilation of Ongoing Contests on Steemit 🏆 26 April 2021 🏆 [45 Contests]

Don't forget to follow @steemitblog for updates.

All the best. Hope you will do well.

02.05.2021 12:03

Congratulations and welcome to the steemit community.

You have been upvoted by @whitestallion and I’m voting with the Steemit Community Curator @steemcurator03 account to support the newcomers coming into steemit.

Follow @steemitblog for the latest update on Steem Community.


04.05.2021 09:34

Thank you so much God bless you

04.05.2021 11:34