Conversation with a Scientologist about Narconon and Scientology

This is a converstaion on Reddit that took place between a Scientologist (Narconon participant and possibly an employee) and me which shows the problems with both Scientology and Narconon, which Scientology owns and operates:

Narconon will do anything for a profit, anything to deceive parents, and anything to avoid taxes.

They're a business at the end of the day. Do you want a cookie now?

Wrong Mr. Horseman. They are a religion. A business pays taxes. Do you want to take a business class where you can learn the difference between a sole proprietorship, corporation, and church, then keep the cookie.

They're a religion?
Who do they pray to? Do they perform miracles? What version of the Bible do they use?
Get out of here son, your comments are redundant.

Narcotics Annoymous is an actual (good) thing.
Narconon is a Scientology front group. Scientology is a fake religion but has real tax exempt status.
Let me know if that doesn't make sense.

You're talking out of your ass.
And I'm done entertaining stupid shit.
Bye loser.

I have been to Narconon, making my written description a first hand account.
Nobody wants to read your profanity and ignorance.
Nobody wants to work with someone who constantly swears at them.

I suspect you don't even have a job.

I'm a business owner.
You're still a loser with shitty social skills, that's why you're on Reddit tolerating getting cussed out by strangers.
And too bad you didn't know how to make the most of your recovery. I'm also an addict in recovery but I don't complain about people that have tried to help me.

Scientology doesn't help anyone.
Sorry to hear you have addiction problems.
You still talk like someone who is poor and addicted.
Do you know Jesus loves you?

You have a big mouth for someone with such a small mind.
It's not Scientology. It's recovery.
And thanks for being my fanboy. I'm sure you're lacking human interaction in the real world.

Narconon is owned by Scientology where Scientology is taught.
Narconon is not related to NA (Narcotics Anonymous)
Why is that so hard to understand?
What was your drug of choice?

It's better to focus on the good in people than the bad they do.
Narconon might do bad things, but the perspective of looking at the good they do is what will make you happy.
I have the disease of addiction. I can get addicted to cigarettes, food, drugs, shopping, sex... Anything

Narconon doesn't do anyone any good.
It is a scam that is based on lies, manipulation, and the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard who was convicted of fraud.
Claiming you have a disease removes what? PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY.

I told you I have a disease because you asked what I was addicted to. You're such a dumb ass.
And you're an expert at playing the victim.
You obviously went there because you have a problem and need help.
Instead of being grateful that they tried to help you, your over here being a paranoid schizophrenic that take about the great conspiracy of a rehab center.
Geeez you're stupid.

A disease is not a moral weakness or lack of self control.
They didn't try to help.
Nor did I need help.
They badgered me in Training Routines after scaring my parents to death about commonly used medication which I still take for ADHD.

No one said it was. Jeez, you're just proving your stupidity more and more.
And they didn't direct those insults in theTraining Routines at you.
You're just mentally disabled and misunderstood the whole thing.

I know teasing when I see it.
Do you ow I am a preciousus creation of God?
Do you know that you are also?
What is it that tells you it is OK to insult people?
Again, I was in the program. I saw it first hand.

**What you notice is that this person who has been indoctrinated into Scientology actually believes he is a victim of drugs, not a person who is accountable for how he treats others. He is also full of profanity and insults. This is how all Scientologists act and think. It is a result of the study of Scientology/time at Narconon.

Narconon is the same as Scientology because the training is the same. I left to avoid people like this who mistreat others and somehow believe that the Training Routine (TR's) that involve teasing (Bullbaiting) is an asset to them.

It is a curse, that continues to curse them and the other people they interact with.

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