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Hi, How have you been? Do you use emoji a lot? In modern society, nonverbal communication is getting more important. Over time, In South Korea, It has changed as follows.

1990s - early 2000s: 8282(more fast_homonym)
early 2000s - early 2010s: ^^, :P
early 2010s: non-dynamic emoticon
Mid 2010: dynamic emoticon + sound
Late 2010s : (dynamic emoticon + sound), emoji

Recently, we can find emoji around us like 😍, 😊, 😂. It seems to be used by many people. Because they can communicate their feelings better and empathize much more than old nonverbal communication. You can see it a lot in the comments of Youtube.

nTOPAZ will be renewed early Oct, and we will provide Stockock Content Marplace. Thus, we are hosting a few contests related to it. Please, keep your eyes on nTOPAZ Contests!


  1. The emoji should not include identifiable trademarks to prevent trademark infringement issues from occurring.
  2. You must have drawn the emoji yourself, and you must have ownership of it.
  3. The emoji should not include the date, watermark (including signature), or the associated website.
  4. It must contain both emoji and icon tags
  5. Copyright: responsible for any claims and arising issue from copyright violations
  6. It must be uploaded on the contest page
  7. Please be respectful and follow the guidelines of the contest and the posting guidelines when you are submitting your works. Spamming will not be tolerated and you are risking being blacklisted be the always active Coordination Team.
  8. You can upload up to 3 photos.

Submission Period

03:00 on 1 Sep 2019 to 03:00 30 Sep 2019 (UTC)

💥 Awards 💥

1st Prize (1 person): 10,000 TPZ tokens 💎
2nd Prize (2 people): 5,000 TPZ tokens 💎
3rd Prize (3 people): 3,000 TPZ tokens 💎

The works submitted will be curated and selected by nTOPAZ 🤗

Some examples of Emoji Icon 😊

Set of emoji

nTOPAZ bought this illustration on Shutterstock.

Contest 1.jpg

Star emoji

nTOPAZ bought this illustration on Shutterstock.

Contest 2.jpg

Fasd food emoji

nTOPAZ bought this illustration on Shutterstock.

Contest 3.jpg

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I noticed that I broke some rules of contest. I appologize about it. You can cancel your votes @ntopaz. Again really I apologize about it. How did I made this mistake I can't understand. Felt so sad about it.



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