Noxsoma Life Camp Episode Day 797 "Chi-town to Philly"

I know we've been waiting for So Long.... for another episode of Noxsoma Life Camp... well it's ready.

One of the few bits I bring to Steemit these days. Shout outs to the Steemians, enjoy this episode. Check me out on instagram too #noxsoma of course.

I haven't been as popular on Steemit as in the past... and I wasn't very popular then. Ha ha... Still waiting for number 1,000 to show up. If you think it's you let me know.

Have fun, live your life very well my friends.

Keep this in mind, People born in this century will be voting for the very first time in a presidential election. It will be epic. The first wave of #millennials are almost 40!! We tend to focus on the young ones. I think we always see them as those snotty nosed brats from day care... ha ha ha...


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