Noxsoma Life Camp Day 775

<"font-size: large;">July 21, 2019

Throwback to Last Year

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Noxsoma Life Camp Day 775

Overbrook Park

Sunday July 21, 2019

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

187.6 lbs.

42.44% steady

Is it my third day in Philadelphia? Third full day. The weight is steady. Glad it didn't go up. Weird sleep... dreaming in Spanish. Dream girl is out. It was just a dream. Real life is too complex. If I'm disappointed, it's my own fault for creating something out of nothing. Like money. I'll survive. And remember a message I sent, "the connect will find you."

Mild headache this morning, front left. Could be from heat, beer, sofa... who knows?  I think it will subside today. It's supposed to be hot again. I have a couple of invites to follow up on.

Rest day? Maybe just crunches and such. Save pushups for tomorrow.

C60 taken. Third day. Tea is coming and the morning regimen of vitamins. And hydration.

Got to hang with Bennie Big-time today. On this blazing, record-high temperature day!! Anyway, we went to Kilimanjaro restaurant in west Philly. I had a lamb gumbo, with fish. There was supposed to be spinach, but I didn't detect any. It was good though. I used a little rice to sop up the sauce.

Then to the old casa. Then the new suburban home.

Nice. Lots of my friends have become fathers and new suburban home owners in the past decade. Amazing!

So that was a nice visit.

Now, to meet up with Jere at the Thai restaurant.

The AMX was band work mostly for chest. Otherwise it's a break day. I feel the pull ups work in my back. Great feeling!!

Funny how the dream teases. As soon as I dismiss her, she responds. I'll roll with it for now.

Today I traveled with ankle weights on. Just five pounds total. Just when I noticed I stopped feeling them, I felt them.

Today was a very social day. It wasn't exhausting because I was with friends. Long time friends. It seems as if I have much time here, but I don't. Less than a month now.

Did I mention the heat? Just look at instagram, @noxsoma, or #noxsoma.

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