4 new piercings!

4 New piercings!

image Labret piercing. It stung like a mother@#, but well worth it. Cost me in total 200 dollars.

image Three New one on my ear, hurt like hell. Wanted these for a cuple of years, but I didn't want my newborn to pull them. I am very happy!

Location: Vågsøy, Norway
Camera: Samsung Galaxy s7

L❤VE @norwegiansteem

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06.07.2019 15:22

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06.07.2019 16:57

Np. Love your entry 👍

09.07.2019 17:45

Thank you

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09.07.2019 19:54

How are they healing? :)

11.07.2019 22:35

Okey, slowly... the ones on my ear is better than the one on my lip.

12.07.2019 19:05