The only supplement I used during my transformation from fat-ass

In the past couple of editions I mentioned that transforming your diet in a reasonable and accomplishable way is phase one of "turning your life around" and achieving weight loss that can be kept off.

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Thin, to fat-ass, and back

There are a load of miracle cures out there and I can't say for sure if any of them work or not but mostly if it is a pill and it says that it is going to make you lose weight, I don't believe it. Those speed tablets we had in the 80's probably worked but those were terribly dangerous and actually F**ked up your metabolism because that weight loss system was basically hunger suppression via amphetamines.

A GNC store makes a lot of promises and most of these can be debunked by a little bit of research but there is one product that I used, still keep in my house, and will likely always use in some capacity or another.

Whey Protein


The brand name isn't really important at all, it just needs to be whey protein isolate and make certain that it is a sugarless one. By default most of them already are sugarless but sometimes certain manufacturers will make it taste better by throwing sugar or some other chemical name that means sugar (basically) in it. Mostly you just need to make certain it has next to no carbohydrates in it.

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There are a lot of different ways to prepare these drinks such as by adding fruit and what not, but remember what I said about especially at the start, getting as many carbs out of your life as possible is the way to go and this includes naturally occurring sugars such as the ones found in fruit. Therefore I simply found a chocolate or chocolate creme one and mixed it with milk.

I suppose you could mix it with water to get even more carbs out of the equation but the idea behind "normie fitness" is that the new things that you introduce into your life aren't disgusting or painful which increases the chances of a normie achieving success. I like milk so this mixture worked out nicely for me.

When to use it?

The container has all these instructions telling you to use it basically all the time and well of course they would tell you that because they want you to be buying as much of their product as possible. I simply used it in this way:

  • I had one shake for breakfast if i didn't feel like eating a bunch of meat or didn't have any
  • I would have another shake in the afternoon if I started feeling hungry before dinner time and needed a snack

At this point in my fitness regimen i was still just doing light exercise and making one or two trips a week to the gym but nothing major.

Basically if i was feeling hungry I would pound a protein shake and because protein (for me and MANY others) tends to make you feel full longer - because of some sort of slow-burning process or something, you don't get hungry as often.

Later on, if you decide you want to grow muscle mass it is a pretty essential product but at this point in my program I was simply using it as meal supplement but NOT a meal replacement. Eating just shakes would probably accelerate weight loss, but that isn't living folks and the idea is to take small manageable steps that can be an overall and permanent change to your physique and life.

at the start of your journey I recommend getting this product and incorporating it into your life, it really does make a difference.



I am not a weight-loss professional / nutritionist / or trainer. I am merely recounting the steps i took and choices I made that resulted in me losing over 50 lbs in a year and keeping it off. I believe it will work for other people as well

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