Buffalo wings are great on a diet

Dieting sucks if you can't find something that you actually want to eat. The idea behind dieting (in my mind) is that if it is too painful / difficult, there isn't much chance that anyone can stick with it in the long run. One day you'll cheat and then cheating becomes the norm. Next thing you know you are a fat ass again.

Therefore you gotta find things that you like that are also part of your low-carb diet. For me, Buffalo wings are absolutely perfect.


If prepared without any tricks, Buffalo wings at most popular restaurants such as Buffalo Wild Wings are perfectly fine on a normie low-carb diet. Each wing ends up having between 1-3 grams of carbs each, and this is exactly what we are looking for.


You do need to be a little bit careful though and there is only one things you must be sure is not part of the mix. Some places, such as Hooters, have the option of getting your wings breaded before they are fried and this completely ruins it from a diet perspective. Most places are pretty straight-forward with it and to be honest with you I don't understand why anyone would want their wings breaded anyway. The sauce is that makes it taste great anyway, not any sort of breading.

If you get the wings breaded you QUADRUPLE the amount of carbs that each wing contains.

The top picture is fine, the second one no longer fits into the normie diet. Also, this information only applies to traditional Buffalo sauce, which is made with vinegar and chilies. Not all sauces are made equal so be sure to know what you are getting into. Many of the other sauces contain a high level of processed sugar, which is something we definitely are meant to avoid.

The Buffalo Wild Wings medium sauce is, IMO the best wing sauce on the planet

One of the main things I like about Buffalo wings is the Ranch or blue cheese dipping sauce and guess what? You can have as much of this stuff as you want as well because both of them, depending on how they are prepared, tend to have less than 5g of carbs per small dippy bowl. So go ahead and go nuts.

For me, i can easily kick back a dozen wings and it is wonderful to know that after I have eaten this and made a mess of the napkins, i have consumed less carbohydrates than a piece of bread or one banana has in it.

It's something to keep in mind. Dieting doesn't have the be horrible and wings are a primary example of how.

I am not a professional trainer nor a dietitian. I am merely recounting what I did in order to lose over 50 lbs while still living a fun life and I think it can work for other people as well

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