Say no to body shamingđźš«

Humiliating someone because of their body?

All bodies are good bodies.
Don’t be stressed because of other’s criticism on your body shape and do not develop insecurities when you see magazines or posts online with loads with photoshopped pictures. No one can set standards for you.

Reasons why people body shame others:

  • Ignorance
    Sometimes people are so ignorant , they do not care and have no idea that they are body shaming someone and hurting their feelings. They just randomly throw remarks regarding people’s physique without actually understanding that it is very unethical to comment like that.
  • Jealousy and too much focus on external beauty.

Body shaming is a worst thing one can do to shatter someone’s confidence and take their shine away. People should try to understand and appreciate people rather than just admiring and focusing on external beauty.
Imagine someone is wearing their favorite outfit and feeling great about it but only one comment about their physique that “it would have suited you more if you were smart”, can make them hate everything.



It is very insensitive to make someone feel insecure about how they look. Do not say “you got bad acne” or “you are too fat” why don’t you try some exercise or some diet, because they already know what is wrong and you do not know how hard they are trying to be fit.

How body shaming effect us?

Emotional abuse.
Many of us have been a victim of body shaming, it is more like an emotional abuse. Despite the fact that this issue is being highlighted on many platforms but still we face this thing everyday. Many people lock themselves in rooms and don’t eat in front of others because they are afraid to hear “ oh you are too fat , do not eat much” this forces them to starve just to achieve the standard that society has set. Skinny people receive the comment “ why don’t you eat something” every time they meet someone. “Oh why don’t you see a dermatologist ,your skin looks bad”. “You so hairy why don’t you wax or something”

Psychological issues.

Body shaming may induce severe psychological issues like anorexia , stress, bad mood and depression.
Because society make people mad to follow the false beauty standards that society has set. Everyone is delusional and the just want to become what they see on Instagram.

Be confident what you are and shine.

Accepting that we look beautiful the way we are, is the first step to destroy this abuse from our society. Do not let anyone tell you how you should look. It is your body and be comfortable with it. Important thing is that you should be healthy and that’s it. Beautiful isn’t a size so be proud of your body.

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