Who has the gall to complain about workplace welfare?


One guy makes a product and sells it to another person. What could be a better system than that?

The guy who makes the product lives in a home and has a mortgage and a loan on his truck. He also took out another loan on his business.

He "owns" a big house in a nice neighborhood. He has people working for him that do all of the labor, acounting, cleaning, and deliveries for his business.

He pays them as little as possible. They live in smaller houses, owned by other people, in neighborhoods that are not as nice. They don't have health insurance or a pension, so if they get hurt in the job, or too old, they are screwed.

The guy won't pay to give his employees a living wage, or even to make the necessary safety improvements to help keep people from losing hands and fingers as they work.

So, laws are passed to provide some safety measures, a minimum wage, some health care and some minimal retirement money (but not enough) to live on.

These people are living like slaves, but this guy has the gall to say that these regulations are impinging on his freedom!

The guy is obviously a sociopath.

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