The new "birtherism."

What Trump, McConnell and Barr are doing right now will help create a mythology among GOP voters about the election being stolen from Trump that Republicans will have to pretend might be true for years. It's a new "birtherism":

— Greg Sargent (@ThePlumLineGS) November 10, 2020

We are seeing the creation of the next "birther" equivalent, where even R candidates that don't believe it will have to nod in acknowledgement to the "fact" that the election was stolen.

The lawsuits aren't even half-hearted jokes, they're "Trump tweets with a filing fee". They're not intended to win, they exist to create noise to support the birth of the new mythology.

The strained "this is how the numbers could add up" or "this proves the numbers are fake" pieces serve the same goal. They won't stand up to rigorous (or even casual) review, but they create an appearance of background smoke that will be remembered 4 and 8 years from now.

How do you combat birtherism? It was immune to facts, logic or persuasion.

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