Science or propaganda?


Masks do nothing. If anything they are harmful. Actual scientific data-driven studies were rare in the past and several that were actually conducted found that no peer-reviewed science journals would publish their studies. Not because of their methods, but because their conclusion conflicted with a narrative that was not allowed to be challenged, even by legitimate science.

That is NOT how science or the scientific method works or what it is. This is emotionalism and politics and control, controlling the narrative, AKA propaganda.

There have been a couple studies recently that were ALLOWED to be released, now, showing that masks do nothing. It's important to grasp that this is NOT new information, it's simply newly released information, being released now because it was not allowed to be released prior.

This is not an opinion or subject to interpretation via common sense. It doesn't matter whether it "seems right" or seems to make sense intuitively. It's reality. You have been misled, on purpose. Let that sink in...

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