Media calling the election a wrong move?


This op-ed piece in Real Clear Politics today hits the nail on the head. Establishment media is totally irresponsible, on top of being ridiculously biased and dishonest.

By prematurely declaring Biden the “winner” and encouraging this “president elect” charade before the legal process of perfectly legitimate challenges even got started, mainstream media is not only needlessly angering half the electorate, they’re also setting up their naive liberal readers, viewers, and listeners for unimaginable disappointment in the event that the allegations of fraud are proven true and Trump is the actual winner.

Once that happens, then the only question is whether insane Democrat leadership and totally irresponsible mainstream media will encourage rioting, violence, looting, and property destruction as they did last summer. My guess is that they will, and it will only further damage their brand and lead to more red waves in 2022 and 2024.

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