It’s always been the bankers and industrialists.


They created and ran the CIA, which killed Kennedy (with mob shooters) according to the CIA people E. Howard Hunt, Marita Lorenz, and David Morales.

The international bankers and industrialists are the ones who financed and advised the Bolshevik Revolution. They controlled CBS.

During the Red Scare, Eugene McCarthy was an ally of Prescott Bush, who had literally financed and supported the Third Reich, while he plotted to remove FDR in a coup. Bush only abandoned McCarthy after he was censured by the Senate.

For his part in speaking out, Murrow was fired by CBS.

Murrow was the constitutionalist. McCarthy and Bush were tight as thieves. They were the true fascists.

The fascist bankers and industrialists created the communist movement in Russia in order to take control of the industrial development of Russia from the Tsar, and they supported Lenin and Trotsky.

After Lenin died, Stalin took over and killed one million counter-revolutionary Trotskyites. He eventually killed Trotsky. Stalin was spreading communism throughout the world. He was a true believer. He was a true communist, not a fascist sponsored communist.

This created a great problem for the bankers and industrialists after WWII, which we call the Cold War, as they sought to contain Soviet communism from growing in the US and spreading throughout the world.

It was their own mess that they were cleaning up.

McCarthy was their man. He was a Bush/Rockefeller big bank establishment fascist.

Murrow was on the right side of history. The side that lost. The side that believed in the US Constitution, which was the product of the big banker effort to oust the King of England, and take over the economic development of the British colonies.

The first central bank, advocated for by Alexander Hamilton, was owned by the central bankers of Europe. This was the true reason for the Revolutionary War.

When Congress failed to renew the charter for the first central bank of the US in 1811, the bankers threatened the US with a war. The result was the War of 1812, the only good war that the US ever fought. The war to oust the bankers.

The US Revolutionary War and the Constitution were the products of the US elite who were the puppets of the central bankers of Europe, and was paralleled closely by the Russian Revolution, which was really a big bank and industrialist takeover of the industrial development of the oil refining, railroads, steel plants, and central banking of the Russian Empire, just like they had already in the US.

So, the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and the merchant Revolution in the US, which did not even let poor people vote, were both tools of the bankers.

The Canadians proved that a Revolution was unnecessary, and the US Revolution was not really caused by the slightly high price of stamps.

Nobody revolts over the high price of stamps.

The British monarchy was contained by the international bankers and industrialists in the wake of WWI. But, the British people saved it from complete destruction. The Kaiser and Tsar and the leaders of the Ottoman Empire were ousted in the interests of the international bankers and industrialists.

The reason that the Bushes, Rockefellers, and Rothschilds who are behind most US Presidents, including the Bushes, Clinton, Obama, and Biden, are so anti-Constitution is because they know that the US was created as a department of the international bankers and industrialists’ department store, and that the US is a business and always was a business venture, and that the US Constitution is just a tool to that end, as was the Civil War.

The colonies in America were business ventures.

WWI and WWII were tools of the biggest bankers. So are the Bush/Clinton/Obama oil wars in nine nations since 1991.

So are the increased military attacks by Biden in Syria and Somalia. So is the big-bank-establishment-created COVID pandemic, economic shutdown, and massive big bank bailouts of 2020.

The Republican vs Democrat politics are all a big bank establishment puppet show.

The communist vs anti-communist Cold War is what happened when the bankers and industrialists lost control of the Soviet Union to Stalin, which was the main thing that WWII was about.

The US, British, and German bankers and industrialists created the military might of the Third Reich in order to oust Stalin. They wanted the US and the British to fight with their Third Reich against the communists in the Soviet Union (which they also financed, armed, and supplied with factory machinery, before and during WWII).

It’s always about big bank establishment control. Always was. Always will be. Our mortgages, car loans, student loans, and credit cards are our way of being batteries for the richest rich people, like the humans in the Matrix movies.

We exist to make the richest rich people richer, and the US Constitution, the TV news, and the Republican vs Democrat politics are all part of the illusion.

Multiple US Presidents who eventually failed to go along with the big bank establishment have been ousted by the big bank establishment, one way or another. Kennedy got a bullet to the head. Nixon got the Watergate Investigation. Trump got massive election fraud.

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