When Two Communities Collide

There's no point in starting a civil war and I'm sick of all the infighting anyway.
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So you're a Tronkey.

That's cool!

And pardon me if Tronkey is not the politically correct term for, whatever it is, you are. I simply do not know any better.

That's right! I don't know you people. There's a strong chance many from the Tron tribe are a bit confuzzled as well.

What do I do with this delicious looking Steemian? Eat him? And why should I walk around this magnificent city of theirs to enjoy the sights? Wouldn't it be better to simply burn them?


Bad Tronkey!

We are not edible and most likely taste like shit. Do not let our good looks fool you!

Also, in the event of a fire, we're designed to be flame retardant.

NoNamesLeftToUse - Read The Writing On The Wall.png

One flick of that Bic is all it takes to trigger a magic dragon named Ah Forkyou to fly down from the heavens and stick you with his four-pronged poker — right where the Sun don't shine.

So let's just be friends! Or acquaintances. Even just random passersby carrying on about our own daily deeds with no interest in stealing one another's wallets or significant others is cool, too.


I know what you're thinking.

But I'm just a gambling addicted Tronkey, slowly but surely going broke. I don't know how to create the content or do anything people would actually enjoy. What the hell do I need Steemit for and why would I want to buy yet another shitcoin?

Whoa there buddy! Calm down and watch your fucking language around here. STEEM is not shit, it is thee shit, and that is a damn good thing where I come from.

One does not need to be able to entertain millions of people by creating glorious content daily in order to reap the benefits of owning STEEM in the form of STEEM POWER!

Content creation is not and will not be for everyone. It's up to you to decide if you think you have what it takes and majority of us who you see taking center stage have been at this for years, grinding away, in order to get where we are today. This did not happen overnight and there is no free lunch! The most common mistake a new member here makes is assuming it'll be easy.

Shit Post Award Glitterized.jpg

So what's the alternative?

The easy way to earn?

Imagine, for a moment, a stadium. There's one act on stage performing and thousands of people in the crowd enjoying the show. How often does that performer begin showering the crowd with money?


They take your money then laugh their asses all the way to the bank.

All you were left with was a ticket stub and three selfies with what appears to be a blurry performer along with a few bright lights in the background. What a shitty deal.

But around here, we do things a little differently.

Half of whatever this post earns will be split up and go directly back to the consumers of this content, provided they had STEEM Power in their wallet and hit that fancy-schmancy vote button.

Are you people drunk?

No! I'm being serious! You literally get paid to be entertained around here.

You already know how to sit on your ass, read, watch a video, listen to some music, whatever. That's been your life since you were born and not once did you ever get anything in return for your "efforts."

The fact a content consumer can take a cut of the revenue generated from the content they consume in my opinion is by far one of the most appealing (and misunderstood) concepts we have going for us here on the STEEM blockchain.

Creating content and getting paid for it is normal. One can do that easily anywhere on the internet provided they put in the time and effort. Nowhere else though, that I know of, can a consumer take a cut of the profits in this fashion. It's as simple as sitting back, having fun, and earning a few tokens as you go. Every stakeholder in theory should benefit each time a new paying consumer shows up and goddammit I'd love to see hundreds of millions of these consumers here all having fun and being rewarded.

We've always had a shortage of dedicated paying content consumers around here and part of the reason is because folks show up and start producing content, thinking that's where the "easy money" is. Many fail because that's the nature of this beast. Simply head over to Youtube and have a look at the millions upon millions of dead channels if you don't believe me, or login to Facebook, write a status in front of your thousands of friends, and tell me exactly how many of them actually engaged with th post.

If those folks end up failing as content producers, many leave, permanently, instead of sticking around to enjoy the show and trying their hand at a different role that could end up being more beneficial in the long run had they simply stuck it out and tried.

This life is a bitch, right Reginald?

NoNamesLeftToUse - Reginald.png

Moving right along.

We can be heroes.

Keeping our streets free of debris and trip hazards is something many here take pride in.

With your shiny new bag of STEEM Power you use to support content creators and yourself at the same time, you're now given the option to help protect that investment. If you find yourself walking down one of our many streets or enjoying one of the parks, and end up seeing some douchebag snatch an old lady's purse, you can decide if you want to step in to help save the day.

There are ways to abuse this rewards pool. There are ways to stop that abuse.

As a stakeholder, you're free to decide if you want to step in and save the day, or let the guy get away with those tokens so he can dump them on the market and screw us all over. Not too many people here enjoy getting ripped off in that fashion when it happens; but nobody here is forced to do anything that makes them feel uncomfortable.

Please take the time to learn about downvotes and when to use them productively and responsibly before hitting that button. Chasing quality content producers away with irresponsible downvotes is one of the most technologically advanced methods of shooting yourself in the foot in this brave new world.

The tone. The words. Flippant humor? How is this allowed?

What's happening? What is this!

Like oh my god, man. Cat videos and crypto ads make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. This article makes me nervous and my head may explode. Do you people have a fetish for brain matter? What the hell is going on here? Where's the unicorn, all the smiles, balloons, men wearing bow ties, that Bitconnect dude, and the many broken promises I'm used to hearing?

NoNamesLeftToUse - Infinitely Sad Monkey.jpeg

I'll spare you all the details of my beliefs but will say I can be comfortable in my own skin here. Yes the intention was humor and I have a strong feeling that became obvious early on.

I wanted all you silly Tronkeys to be able to laugh, not feel insulted. We're bros now! This is what bros do!

Unfortunately, I now live in a world where a legitimate art form like comedy is under threat by what the kids are calling cancel culture.

Around here, I am 100% confident, no matter how far I want to push those boundaries, I won't be "deplatformed" here if someone feels like throwing a hissy fit over something they personally misinterpreted. I have all the freedom in the world here to explore the arts. Reporters can write what they want to write. People can say what they want to say. Nobody can take that away from us here. To me, that is more valuable than the entire market cap of crypto and I hope it never changes.

I also enjoy the fact I'm my own boss here and don't have to answer to editors and censor panels. Watch me pull off this lazy ending and not even get fired.

NoNamesLeftToUse - fin.png

Have a nice day.

"I am just a man who shits in the plants at the mall. Representing myself and only myself."
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Comments 88

Yep the whole getting something for consuming content is something I've been trying as a way to give free downloads in a way for my music.

I have a WordPress site where my music is and it's available to buy with steem. Sure, you may not have enough steem when you first start out but by engaging with my blog, I issue out upvotes on comments which then in return, turn into steem/sbd that can be used to download my music... For free (eventually once enough has been built up).

Of course, there's still thr legacy options like spotify, iTunes, Amazon but that involves the legacy model you mentioned. But I'm trying to woo people over, guess there aren't too many dnb heads around 😜

I also do the Bluffer's Guide to Steem and wrote a comprehensive guide to the rewards pool a while ago but I may start it up again with the new acquisition. Always good to have a refresh anyway

19.02.2020 07:45

It's like every box of cereal comes with a prize here. People likes prizes. Since not many seem to be catching on, that tells me not many seem to understand this concept. If I placed two identical magazines on a table, taped a five dollar bill to one, then asked you to choose which one you'd like, you'd take the one with the money taped to it. Soon enough people should be able to figure this out.

Your Steem guides are some of the best on the platform and should come in handy.

19.02.2020 07:52

Definitely, and the subscription model is "old news". People don't want monthly payments coming out but cry "scam" when you offer an alternative like we have here. Really is a case of "better the devil you know" even if it's taking money from you.

Thanks a lot for the positive words. I'm going to assemble a blog later with what I've written so far with handy links that people can click on and learn more about. And earn on their own support. Literally, everyone's a winner

19.02.2020 07:56

This this approach, a one time fee of the consumers choosing, big or small, can support many content producers, forever. No more throwing money away to be entertained. That's a big deal, if you get it.

The silence here right now is deafening and that's another solid reason why I've been pushing so hard over the years pointing out the role of the dedicated consumer. This should not be happening, but it happens because content producers are playing both roles, which is silly. I totally understand how hard it is to find the time to curate AND produce content. They had to resort to automation. Pay now, come back later. It doesn't need to be like this.

19.02.2020 08:09

That's the message we need and perhaps it's something I can do as a standalone blog for the next version of my Bluffer's Guide. Hopefully now with Justin Sun and someone who has marketing presence can work that in to his approach.

And you're right, I struggle to do both creating and curating. As much as I am a fan of both, it's not possible to do them both at the same time well if you're spread out as thin as I am. It's why I follow curation trails that are manually dedicated to this curation stuff and I trust - I'm not overly fussed about the curation rewards but it's a nice perk of buying up over 20k STEEM and powering up.

Would rather have an engaged blog which I seem to be having and I'm grateful for the loonies who have stuck around and commented!

Work to do but I'm confident about things and if it does all fall to shit, I'm not going to stop making music or writing travel posts. But I doubt it will fall apart after hearing from steemit and JS (rather than the other noise going around).

19.02.2020 09:13

That marketing is something I'm looking forward to seeing, provided it's executed properly. If it's not targeted towards general consumers at all, and it's just the same old "get paid to produce content" spiel... we're going nowhere. People who can create already know they can get paid. They also look for markets so if there's a large audience here, more show up. Big names show up after that, once they see virtual unknowns become successful, because they too will want a piece of that pie, but currently eat a lot of pie, so expanding here with no market is pointless. Show me the money!

19.02.2020 09:38

We'll see man, we'll see. I'm pretty optimistic. Fresh blood at the top, someone who has a presence and will not want to lose his investment... But "getting paid to write content" has been proven to be a shit tactic lol.

19.02.2020 17:45

I think your ending was great, but it came above the announcement. Free thought and expression (um speech) wothout fear of being deplatformed is cool. On that note, downvoting sheer stupidity if explained when asked is not censorship or bullying. It's alsonfreedom of expression =p

19.02.2020 08:24

Downvotes. Open carry. We all have guns in a sense. Everyone knows the one brandishing the weapon and acting anti-social with it isn't helping things.

19.02.2020 08:34

Ahh I’ve missed you and forgetting that I shouldn’t be reading your posts in public because I look like I’m having a seizure or something trying to not laugh like a hyena 🤣

I think Ah Forkyou is now my new favourite character 😆

19.02.2020 08:24

LOL. Ah Forkyou cracks me up! ...and I don't normally laugh at my own jokes.

19.02.2020 08:36

That was a well chosen tune, I finished reading the rest of the post just as the song finished. Granted I had to read all the writing after the Fin image, (I usually don't), but every now and then it is good to see the end credits. I think the Tronkey's will enjoy some of the styles of people on here.

19.02.2020 08:39

Not many read the credits but even that changes with every post. Specifically the line in quotes. It's never the same. It can be a status message or a joke. Maybe just a line that'll make people think, if they see it. If I'm writing in character, that line is often me stepping out of that character. And now you know.

19.02.2020 08:44

Chasing quality content producers away with irresponsible downvotes is one of the most technologically advanced methods of shooting yourself in the foot in this brave new world.

Many times those I flag for buying votes are under the illusion their content is 'good content'. The dearth of comments often reveals a different story. I get accused of 'perpetuating the death of STEEM' and occasionally gain a barrage of flags to ALL my content in return.

...'did they read all my stuff and think it's shit?'...

If the Tron dudes do get here, it's going to be a sharp curve for them. Onboarding people is hard work, I did one recently...

19.02.2020 08:40

I'm hoping I don't see an influx of spammers and shit posters attempting to chase the money. They put so much effort into failing and I just don't get it. Of course they'll need some guidance. The sit back, enjoy the show, get paid approach is the easiest and that's why I suggest it. Look at those who always curate, comment, but never post. Everyone knows them. Eventually, if that individual does decide to post, that post and future posts have a higher chance of success. Jump in blind with junk and you're finished before you even started.

Those vote buyers with their illusion of "good content" ruined this place for far too long. They'd bullshit about caring about the place... so they took the money and ran the moment they could no longer manipulate content discovery and the reward pool. I hope that never happens again.

19.02.2020 08:51

Good to see you back again, I know you 'always come back', you told us lots of times!

19.02.2020 09:04

Telling you folks lots of times was important. I didn't want anyone to be alarmed. Leaving this place is difficult to do but I have a system down that works really well for me. It's important to me to be able to take rests and not have people worry about me at the same time. I always come back. Saying that so much forces me to come back as well. I like to prove myself and my word.

19.02.2020 09:10

I'm hoping I don't see an influx of spammers and shit posters attempting to chase the money.

The ones who still chase it are either old spammers/shit posters with new accounts or newbies who were onboarded by the said old spammers.

They usually prey on the poor and naive. Although, they are manageable.

The lame ones now are those with power who prefer to vote on anything and everything blindly. Coincidentally, they tend to vote into those scamming rings often. Makes you wonder really.

20.02.2020 00:52

In the post I wrote:

Chasing quality content producers away with irresponsible downvotes is one of the most technologically advanced methods of shooting yourself in the foot in this brave new world.

I could change the word downvotes to upvotes. Irresponsible upvotes are just as bad. Look how much damage the paid vote fiasco caused. Thousands upon thousands of people were driven away so a handful of people could be fake trenders multiple times per day. I always said those paid votes were the exact same as downvotes.

20.02.2020 01:23

20.02.2020 01:27

One flick of that Bic is all it takes to trigger a magic dragon named Ah Forkyou to fly down from the heavens and stick you with his four-pronged poker — right where the Sun don't shine.

Aw, puns upon puns! I love it! :D

19.02.2020 08:42

For sure that's one of my favorite lines from this post! Popped into my mind as I was grabbing a coffee. Had to run back to the keys before I lost it forever.

19.02.2020 08:53

Hahaha! Thats amazing!
I feel like you hit your posts spot on everytime you write on, its so amazing to write your post, they are so well wrote :D
And funny! I like the gloomy ascept of them :p

19.02.2020 09:00

Someone once called me a genius; but I've yet to figure out what that means.

19.02.2020 09:22

Nice one, this consumer thoroughly enjoyed that! I am an odd one, never gambled on Tron but been there since very early days. Steemit also, guess that makes me stronkey 😁

19.02.2020 09:08

I'm glad you enjoyed that, and it's good to hear coming from someone involved with Tron. Do the Tron people have a nickname? I truly am out of the loop.

19.02.2020 09:13

Do the Tron people have a nickname? I truly am out of the loop

Tronics....but maybe the tronkeys does sound more catchy lol, Im full time steemian, just recently got into the Tron ecosystem.

Cool to see you around nonames...being paid to consume content here is so novel, its nowhere else, maybe a time will come where there are more consumers willing to "consume" than there are posters...a balance of both will be the ultimate though. Once my delegation drops, I'm about to start "consuming" more content with 2000sp...for whatever that's worth.

19.02.2020 10:24

Tronics is cool. I didn't know. Originally I thought of using Tronkee, like Yankee, to tie in with that civil war line. Put a 'y' in there instead. I thought of Tronny as well. Change out one letter there and it might piss off the whole world! So yeah.... no good.

When consumers outnumber producers 1000 to 1, this place will be booming. 100 to 1 would be great as well.

Good to see you again!

19.02.2020 10:41

Yeah, it's usually tronics or tronfam of course.

19.02.2020 13:22

Sure, the best way to view Tron is as a tribe of Steem. We can push this through as a community. What do you think?

Posted via Steemleo

19.02.2020 09:29

One can look at it all a thousand different ways. I'll just go with the flow. If there's one thing I don't want to see, it's segregation. We all have to live under the same roof, somehow. No point in being divided. People are just that. The labels mean nothing.

19.02.2020 09:41

Ya if we respect and listen to each other it should be fine....but when has that ever happened X-P. You are hilarious, why don’t I know you?

Posted via Steemleo

19.02.2020 10:27

Yeah that'll be a tough battle as always. Growing pains. Looking forward to the day folks can simply sign up and enjoy the place, like they would anywhere else. We have a bad habit of placing our problems and internal politics in the spotlight. Big news is big news though.

Why don't you know me? I dunno! For a long time I was more underground here. Buried under all those paid votes, for a very long time. Yet I did alright for myself.

19.02.2020 10:35

No point in being divided. People are just that. The labels mean nothing.

Those lines got me. Well, Justin is now a steemian, he should adopt the steem culture. In a way, we are now Tronians, we have to learn the Tron culture.

Posted via Steemleo

19.02.2020 10:59

I've learned they prefer to call themselves Tronics... so that's a start!

19.02.2020 11:08

Is it the shit or the shizzle or even the good shit? I can barely keep up with the happenings these days. Its like when the kid on the corner nodded at me and said sup homes and I beat him unconscious for masculine reasons and then went home and got my car and ran over his unconscious body a few times and the police arrested ME?!

I told them, I just cant keep up but they didnt seem to understand either.

19.02.2020 10:03

I said hello to a random the other day and she pounced. Came at me with a lit cigarette, asking what the hell my problem was. I tripped over a snow bank and that's when she got on top of me. She burned the word SWIN into my forehead and I don't know what the fuck it means.

I added my classic, "And that's a good thing where I come from," after thee shit.

19.02.2020 10:18

You showed her and no mistake!!!

Maybe she meant to write SWAN because of your graceful neck? She will rue that day, I think.

Have you ever noticed that things like this also happen in the SNOW which seems a bit too coincidental letters wise for my liking

19.02.2020 10:38

Maybe she thought I said hell hole and was talking about her mouth. Nice lips but ferocious voice that didn't seem to match. Like nature bought random human parts at a yard sale that day, or something.

I can't believe my forehead might just be one big typo. The blisters help blend everything together so I don't think most people notice much when they're done staring at me. I suppose I could maybe buy some gauze?

As for the conspiracy theory. NO COMMENT. I'm sure they're watching.

19.02.2020 10:58

They are always watching. It is why I pick my underthings with such care each morning. One mustn't disappoint even when playing the game.

Have you tried looking in the mirror whilst standing upside down? It might read better that way?

19.02.2020 11:20

Have you tried looking in the mirror whilst standing upside down? It might read better that way?

That's how I masturbate and no I haven't seen an improvement.

19.02.2020 11:25

Milk rain.

19.02.2020 11:26

Gravity is cheaper than Viagra.

19.02.2020 11:29

As a "Tronkey", I would prefer to be called a Tronics, but for the rest I enjoyed reading the post and am still familiarizing myself with Steemit. A post like yours (eventhough it is written in a very confusing humorous manner) helps in this process. Thanks for that!

19.02.2020 10:23

Tronics it is! Tronkey was just for fun. Getting it wrong just helps make me look like somewhat of a fool, which helps when writing humor. And yes I know this format can be confusing but don't worry, I'm not the only one here with things to say about it. Plenty of perspectives out there. We all have a own way of doing things, just as in life.

I'm glad you enjoyed it and welcome to STEEM!

19.02.2020 10:43

Heyyy welcome! The Tronkey though sounds more catchy :D

19.02.2020 18:08

Is there a Tronkey/Steemian buddy-up system in place?

19.02.2020 12:26

Why yes, of course. I actually just finished filming the promotional material.

What do you think?

19.02.2020 12:40


19.02.2020 12:44

Hmm. Well then. I must first say I appreciate your honesty but I really think you should leave it up to the professionals here.

19.02.2020 12:49

Oh... you took it as criticism. It was meant to be a show of support.

19.02.2020 13:39

Well you obviously don't know how to show support and I should also point out how this fake argument of ours probably looks quite real to those who don't know that we've been friends for quite a long time but they probably won't read this mess of a sentence so I'll just carry on and call you an asshole then end it with exclamation marks!!!!!!

19.02.2020 13:53

Well I never!!

19.02.2020 13:57

Not even once?

19.02.2020 14:16

Twice to make sure.

19.02.2020 15:10

Im reading 😂😂😂

19.02.2020 17:16

So many STEEM-Donkeys are quick to bend the knee to Mr. Sun. We need our own musical, but need some lyrics to STEEMIFY this version :

19.02.2020 15:01

Hmm. I witnessed a much different reaction and many came together to stand up for this place. ...and much of that is still quite fresh and locked into the blockchain.

19.02.2020 15:08

I hope you are right and people don't become weak. There are definitely some "fan boys" out there. I also find it odd how some projects are already working with Tron. Wonder if they were tipped off beforehand to boost #'s for Sun so he can tweet stupid shit.

19.02.2020 15:20

People can like the guy and still stand up for this place. I'm not a fan of creating a divide. I tend to stick to the facts when I find them and ignore everything else. I won't waste an ounce of thought on possible conspiracy theories like that. I do know people will come up with all kinds of wild ideas though.

19.02.2020 15:29

Sun used Jenga image in his latest tweet. The point of Jenga is eventually to have all of the blocks fall, not to build up



19.02.2020 15:38

You've been playing Jenga wrong. The one who knocks it down is the loser.

19.02.2020 15:48

Your answer is priceless , I am now at ease. You have been so selfish keeping all of your wisdom from us for so long :) . Or perhaps you knew to come back right at the perfect time!

19.02.2020 15:58

Plus I'm a kick ass Jenga player.

19.02.2020 16:04

I will only play against you if there is no time limit to decide on moves.... this way we can play forever. "Finite and Infinite Games"by James P. Carse, definitely worth a read.

19.02.2020 16:38

LOLOL enjoyed reading every bit of it. I don't think it's bad at all this combining. Well, at least for now. Would love to see the brighter future. Missed the humor! Welcome BACK! :)

19.02.2020 18:09

Having more people around and many more new arrivals on the way, with a maybe a hint of enthusiasm in the air, is probably a good thing. Certainly can't predict the future but there's no point in hoping for failure. I'd the glaring majority of folks left around here want this place to thrive.

19.02.2020 22:57

Is a Tronkey also tronsexual?

19.02.2020 18:18

Asking for a friend?



19.02.2020 22:43

Thinking of vacationing in Tronsylvania?

19.02.2020 23:40

Yeah but I might spend the money on getting my Tronsils out instead. It's so hard to decide.

19.02.2020 23:50

I hear you, I need to get the Tronsaxle fixed on my car!

19.02.2020 23:58

Congrats on making trending! Twice now in a few days. Returning like a boss.

19.02.2020 19:50
19.02.2020 22:49

I have been away from Steemit for quite a while, and I’ve been back for about a week. I’ve missed your posts, and am really enjoying seeing them in my feed and reading them. Your thoughts always provoke thought, and I’ve always really appreciated that about you, @nonameslefttouse.

19.02.2020 21:12

Plenty of people have come and gone over the years. It's good to see some of you folks from the earliest of days showing up again. Welcome back!

19.02.2020 22:59

Oh shittttttt, hahaha, dudeeee! I am drunk. Sorry about that, but it happens to be the reason I dropped in on steemit today. I have looked for you in the past few months as I've found myself getting farther away from this place. But it's been about a week, and today, alcohol directed my steps here. LOL, I'm so glad, so fucking awesome to find you again!

'course I did hear of the jump in steem, and found out about the tron thing a few days ago. Meant to show up here and see what was up. Ecstatic I chose now. Will always adore your particular style of art and writing, as long as I live I will jump up and down with glee to find you again. Even when my knees stop working.

20.02.2020 01:46

I could use a drink. Been awhile. Some wine at xmas was probably the last time. Yeah. I remember that buzz. I rarely drink yet that tolerance I built up in my 20's is still in full effect. Once it warms up I'll probably be outside with a beer, kicking back, like usual. Can't seem to drink without mixing it with heat and sunlight. That's a good combo. And music as well. Holy fuck it's like I'm almost there just thinking about it. I can hear the waves. The leaves on the trees. I wish that fucking bird would shut up though.

20.02.2020 05:00

That was a beautiful description, looking forward to that sun too- just a few weeks and I'll be heading south to Savannah to visit my daughter, can't freaking wait :0)

20.02.2020 23:01

Absolute beautiful as I remember, however I must reveal the truth as I cannot tolerate misinformation.

We are in fact eatable, and delicious.
and lethally poisonous

20.02.2020 02:05

Well, I suppose, with enough mustard, anything will go down.

It's nice to see you again!

20.02.2020 04:51

I was glad to see you here :) wouldn't be the proper experience without your satire.

20.02.2020 04:56

Great post, I just got involved with Tron a few months ago, fun stuff.
I like your whole perspective when it comes to the #steemit community.
It's all about enjoying the platform, sharing thoughts, ideas, peeking into other people lives from all over the world. Being introduced to different cultures. Then of course the added bonus of collecting a few cents for sharing my own experiences as well as supporting others for sharing theirs.
Thanks @nonameslefttouse for being so positive and thanks also for your support.

20.02.2020 12:31

I didn't know much about Tron before all of these recent developments around here. Hype doesn't work on me so when it comes to crypto, I'm not that interested. STEEM was different. It didn't come with hype. It's something I can actually use. In a sense, one can see it and feel it... and that's because of this environment we've created here. Crypto is usually all about money but here we have a lot of the things money can't buy.

You have yourself a good day and thank you for stopping in.

20.02.2020 12:49

I can't explain this magic that you do. did not even realise how much i missed it for those few months 😁 welcome tronkeys and may we live long and prosper

Posted using Partiko Android

20.02.2020 13:57

I can't explain it either.

20.02.2020 21:37

20.02.2020 19:07

Lazy ending? Mais non. That is a simple, elegant and sophisticated French ending. You're a master! lol

22.02.2020 02:03