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Today I'll Hammer Some Keys and Finish Nothing

This is the life I signed up for.
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One capable mind.

I'm impressed.

There it is. Problem solved. All my issues melt away when I look around; enjoy the day. Who cares about me, when there's you to see.

Put my life in one hand and place yours in the other. Insert applause, for the sound of one hand clapping is just one man fapping to the chaotic lap dancing of a life only glancing at himself in the mirror as he reaches for that beer meant to distill all fear into one lonely tear.

Here's to you, kid. Cheers.

I still like what I see.

When it isn't me.

But I'll be alright. This isn't a fight that only recently started last night. Been kickin' its ass into shattered glass and a million reflections of a distant past I can't fucking stand! How long will this last! I got shit to do and life's moving too fast.

Where is my place when I race to embrace the thoughts I erase so they can't disgrace the future I'm forced to look in the face?

Down on the floor. Just close the door.

This life, I adore. Sometimes, a chore. Hardcore. But if I ignore the lore of a past sure to bore then I can almost guarantee I'll achieve one hell of a lot more. So sit back, hear me roar. I'm swinging that club. I'm yelling, "Fore!" I'm coming fast so you better keep score. It's on now, bitch, and this means war!

Welcome to my circus.

The one that made you think.

I said I'd finish Nothing, and I colored it pink.

NoNamesLeftToUse - Nothing.png

Now if you don't mind me,
I think I'll have a drink.

"Some of that vintage NNLTU for you, the reader of this."
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